Hoodoo Central, also (previously) known as Hoodoo Hideaway, and before that, the Woolly Blue Hoodoo Village or HoodooVille, is a place within the depths of the Gombala Gombala Jungle and home to the Woolly Blue Hoodoos. It was introduced in the fiction of Bungle in the Jungle.

Albeit "Hoodoo Hideaway" implying it's a place which location is to be held secret, it is clearly marked on the maps of the Gombala Gombala Jungle. Music Island Missions: Zoshling Encounters

The names "Woolly Blue Hoodoo Village" Moshi Monsters: The Movie and "HoodooVille" The Lost Treasure of Umba Umba! were both coined by Furbert Snufflepeeps, having a seemingly close relationship to the Woolly Blue Hoodoo nation.

Hoodoo Central consist of two separate areas; Hoodoo HQ and "The Village" with the Oaky Doaky Tree. Hoodoo HQ is the central open clearing space of gathering, where Hoodoo Stew is brewed. Big Chief Bill has his house in this areaMoshi Monsters: The Movie as a central figure.


Woolly Blue Hoodoos are shown to live in houses made around trees, connected by bridges. This design seems to be derived from the Ewok Village from the Star Wars universe. The houses, as well as the various totems and drums scattered all over the village depict the Hoodoos themselves. The drums are made from the Bongonium Flower; a musical plant native in the jungle and part of the call for the Naugthy Nutter. Other ornaments are skulls that regularly function as light sources by using them as torches. However, as seen by the spotlights the use for the "Idol"Bungle in the Jungle and Crazy Bill's flashy sign Moshi Movie Mystery they seem to have electricity as an energy source as well.

Southavocado Bigbad

The makings of traditional Hoodoo Stew is held here, as the Woolly Blue Hoodoos own the big cauldron used to mix the ingredients. The ingredients for the stew that this part of the jungle provides are the Creepy Crawlies which one must hunt for. This hunt is playable in the mission of Bungle in the Jungle as well as in Moshi Movie Mystery's Bug Rush.

In the middle of the village stands the sacred tree which grows Microwaveble Oobla Doobla, with plastic packaging and all.Moshi Monsters: The Movie The specific ingredient needed for Hoodoo Stew is fried Oobla Doobla. "Normal" Oobla Doobla only grows in the area of Snaggletooth Swamp Bungle in the Jungle and is fried by microwaving it. How this connects to Microwavable Oobla Doobla is uncertain.

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