The Hoodoo Vocal Group are a trio of Woolly Blue Hoodoos who performed the backing vocals in Trapped in Gummy! during Fez Owl's show.

Their addition set an entire different tone to the plot of Moshling Rescue! as they work together with Fez Owl, whom they would deem an enemy to their cause. As both Fez Owl and the vocal group quote the "Big Bad Hoodoo" in his motivations, it shows a carelessness from both Fez's and the Hoodoos side. They also utter the game's catchphrase "Life ain't funny when you're trapped in gummy" not seeming to disagree with the message.

Ironically, they were the only ones to take cover during the end of the song when Mount Krakka Blowa erupted, while all other Moshlings, crowd and band - whom actually have experienced what it is like to be trapped in gummy - and Fez Owl did not mind at all.

MV TIG Hoodoo Microphone
They uphold Hoodoo aesthetic, their vocals containing a lot of their well-known "Gombala Gombala Walla Walla Hoohah" phrase, as well as having decorated their shock mounded microphone with feathers.

Their style of snapping fingers, harmonic singing and use of nonsensical words as either a bass or on its own makes their work to be of the Doo-wop genre.


Unique in their depiction is the lack of wearing a mask. Face position and height are varied throughout the animation, meaning the animators did not make or cared for a consistent reference, while still having gone out of their way to make a unique design for each member of the trio.

  • The left one is most often shown to be the shortest one. With their dodger blue fur colour, eye position and yellow face marking they come closest to bare resemblance to Big Bad Bill. Their hair tufts are small in comparison.
  • The middle one has an iris fur colour, their eye distance is the widest of the trio, they have red face marking and their tufts - especially the one on top of their head - is rather large.
  • The right one is most often shown to be the longest. Their baby blue fur is straight, lacking any tuft aside three separate hairs sticking out on top. Their eyes have the shortest distance between them of the trio and their face marking is cyan of colour.


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