Horroscopes can be seen on the first issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, they can be also seen on the 'Latest News' button but it was replaced by the Super Moshi Missions Button.

The star signs and their real-life counterparts

  • Fish-ees - Pisces
  • Scaries - Aries
  • Snoore-us - Taurus
  • Gemin-eyes - Gemini
  • Dis-goo Dancer - Cancer
  • Leo-bot - Leo
  • Vir-ghost - Virgo
  • Lib-rat - Libra
  • Scorpi-toe - Scorpio
  • Sagit-hairus - Sagittarius 
  • Capri-cauldron - Capricorn
  • A-squirt-ius - Aquarius 


  • It is a portmanteu of the two words, "Horror" and "Horoscope".

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