House styles

Houses are where the player's monster inhabits, and the first area the player locates throughout Moshi Monsters. Your monster's home is one of the most primary and important areas throughout the game: holding all the gifts received from others, the player's Moshling Zoo, etc.

There is a handful of unique house styles, all following specific, different themes, ranging from 400 to 2000 Rox.

House styles

Fully-upgraded house styles


The extension prices are as follows:

Number Price
1 (2 floors) 350 Rox
2 (3 floors) 2000 Rox
3 (4 floors) 8000 Rox
4 (5 floors) 16000 Rox

Moshi House Style

Tree House Style

Skyscraper Style

Princess Castle Style

Cake House Style

Mountain House Style

Haunted House Style

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