Ice Scream is a time-management game on Ooh La Lane, owned by Giuseppe Gelato. Customers will enter the shop asking for a certain type of Ice Scream that you have to make for them before they eventually get angry and leave. The levels continuously get more difficult as players have to make larger Ice Screams for many more customers. 

The more complex the Ice Scream, the more Rox players get. If they give them the Ice Scream fast enough (with over half of their happiness meter left), they can get a tip of 1 Rox for every 10 Rox the Ice Scream costs. For example, if an Ice Scream costs 30 Rox, then players can get a tip of 3 Rox. 

At the beginning of every level, before the rush, players can shave off time required to make an Ice Scream by placing the cones on the stands so that they only have to place the scoops and its toppings. In some cases, it can just barely get them to the next level.

The game starts off in the original shop, then visits Bleurgh Beach and lots of other places including the Volcano and the Spooky House. Once players hit their Rox limit for the day (250 as of now), they stop getting Rox, however you can continue playing. This game was created by Nickfart. Ice Scream is a spoof of Ice-Cream.

If players do exceptionally well, at the end of the level the owner will recognize them as either a Silver or a Gold employee based on the amount of Rox they obtained. Unfortunately, there is no extra reward for obtaining either title.

"Take my cart and sell Ice Scream all over Moshi World. First stop: The Beach!"


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A delicious treat available at Giuseppe Gelato's Ice-Scream store on Ooh La Lane. Extra sprinkles please!  


Ice Scream options

Cone types

Scoop flavours





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