Jarvis the Pointy Pinkipine is an upcoming Moshling in the Yuckies set in Moshi Monsters, resembling a porcupine with ironically squishy spikes.




It's not easy making friends when you're as prickly as a Pointy Pinkipine but these super-friendly Moshlings try their best, snuggling up to passers-by whenever they can. Unfortunately they usually end up frightening off potential friends before they get a chance to explain that their spikes are incredibly squishy!



Candelion crumble and pedicures.


Balloons and Pluffs.


  • In Buster Bumblechops' wikichat visits, he mentioned Pointy Pinkipines being 'real cuties', which led some fans to falsely believe that they would be a member of the Cuties set, however, Mind Candy later confirmed that they would be in the Yuckies set via email.
  • Jarvis was first spotted in a graphic at the Vivid Imaginations section at the London Toy Fair 2014.
  • Jarvis was first named in the Series 10 Figures, being #10 in the countdown.
  • On Jarvis' Party card, there is typographical error where Yuckies is spelt as 'Tuckies'.
  • Jarvis appears to be smaller than the other Moshlings in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt, as well as not having any sound file at all.




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