Jaunty Jack is one of the Marooned Five, a group of Ghost Pirates.


Character Encyclopedia

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Shiver me timbers! Jaunty Jack, seasoned shipmate of the Gooey Galleon, is always willing to lend a spooky hand to any landlubbers in need of his seafaring experience. They should probably bring a peg for their noses though, as he's rather pongy on account of pickled eggs that he keeps under his hat.
Jack to the rescue!
Despite having a bounty placed on his head from a misdemeanor long ago, Jaunty Jack is an agreeable pirate. He enjoys helping the Super Moshis on their undersea diving missions.
Jack's hat
Jaunty Jack is not like most pirates. This salty seadog would rather keep his soggy paper hat than replace it with a proper pirate one. He's incredibly attached to it, mainly because he's named after the jaunty angle at which he wears it. And besides, it looks rather like a boat, and what's more piratey than that?
Data File
Job: Crew member of the Goey Galleon
Pirate pals: Captain Codswallop, Handy Van Hookz, McScruff, Mr Mushy Peas
Likes: Fish fingers
Side Notes

  • Paper hat is unique among pirates.
  • Greasy spots from eating too many pickled eggs.
  • Despite the patch, ti's not known if Jack has actually lost an eye.


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Named after the soggy paper hat in which he keeps his fish fingers, Jaunty Jack is always happy to help Moshi landlubbers. It's just a shame that there's a price on his head (he keeps that under his hat...alongside his pickled eggs).

The Daily Growl

Ghost Pirates: All you need to know
Keeps his fingers in his Soggy Paper Hat. Did you know there's a price on his head? He keeps it hidden under his hat...alongside his pickled eggs.


Jaunty Jack is a pale pink ghost who has curved tooth, spotted freckles and wears a paper hat and an eyepatch. His regular hat is composed of an old newspaper but in Season 3 Mission 4: The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean he had replaced it with a map, as his newspaper hat had fallen into the sea.

Jaunty Jack's Shouty Shack

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