The Jolly Flowers are a seed in Moshi Monsters, used to obtain Shambles the Scrappy Chappy.

The codes are found in Code Breakers packets, formerly in the Moshling Mall and now can be obtained via Moshling Madness.

On the 7th April 2017, a Freebie Friday code was released ("SEEDS") which allows any player to obtain Shambles.

Once obtained, the player must plant it in their Moshling Garden with two other seeds and wait for them to grow to add Shambles into their Moshling Zoo.

The Scrappy Shrub was the original name for the Jolly Flowers, as mentioned in an email, it was altered before Shambles' release meaning that on his Codebreakers card it says his original seed, which happens to have a swf file.


Jolly Flowers growth

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