Hab bobby singsong

Jollywood, a parody of Bollywood, is a location connected to Music Island and home to Gooperstar Bobbi SingSong. It makes its debut in the mission Welcome to Jollywood. It reappears in the Moshi Monsters Movie.

Outside of missions, Jollywood only grants access to the Moshi TV Studios (where Members can view and submit videos) and the Moshi Movie Mystery Mission.


Main article: Moshipedia

Mysterious and mystical, a land east of here, hot spicy flavours and hip atmosphere, with lots of colours and fierce pumping beats, where Moshi rickshaws cruise bustling streets. See steamy jungles, exlpore mountains high, watch mystic gurus, sit back kiss the sky, take tea on the varandah things could not be grander ... That's Jollywood!



  • Jollywood Marketplace
  • Moshi TV Studios
  • Bobbi SingSongs Yoga Retreat
  • Mountain Temple
  • Jolly Avenue



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