Kate Giggleton (pun on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton) is a character in Moshi Monsters, who is married to Prince Silly Ham.

Kate Giggleton features featured in the second series of the Mash Up cards collection and is also featured on an the Royal Wedding Plate item, sold in April 2011.


Kate Giggleton is revered for her exquisite fashion sense. She even made it to the top of Vanity Scare's best-dressed list. She graduated top of her class from Growlborough College and went on to uni' where she met Silly Ham. They've been inseparable ever since.


Main article: Moshipedia

Born in a humble Moshi area near the Icky Underpass, Kate Giggleton hit the headlines when she met Prince Sillyham. As the glamorous half of Monstro City's most famous couple, Kate enjoys counting her mountains of Rox, lunching on Ooh La Lane and giggling at her good fortune. She also loves partying with celeb friends and collecting SkyPonies. Tally ho!


Kate is a sky-bound monster. She's bright pink bunny with green batwings on her back and a big purple flowing hairdo.


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