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Lady GooGoo the Glitzy BooHoo is a former Moshling in Moshi Monsters that used to belong in the Secrets set, before being replaced by Baby Rox. She was removed because of Lady Gaga suing Mind Candy in 2011.

She is a parody of Lady Gaga and has two songs, the newest and her last one being The Moshi Dance.

Lady GooGoo's song; The Moshi Dance (2011) has been taken off iTunes, Moshi Monsters' Music Site and YouTube. The song has still been uploaded by other users and is thus available.


Say coochie coo to Lady GooGoo, the wah-wah-ing gooperstar who's set to take the Moshi World by storm! When she's not being pampered by her manger Simon Growl or dunking her rusks in milky wilk, this blinged up baby is rocking the cradle with her techno lullabies and bustin' out cute moves.


She was born in Nappy Valley, but if you want to find her these days you'll need to listen out for her boo-hoo-ing in the hills overlooking Electro Lullaby Lake.



Mashed carrots and her diamond encrusted dummy.


Noisy grown ups and broken rattles.


  • Rox-Covered Romper Suit
  • Spaghetti Outfit
  • Shower Outfit
  • Lobster Outfit


  • Born Yesterday (parody of Lady Gaga's Born This Way) is Lady GooGoo's album. It was mentioned by Buster Bumblechops on Mission 5: Pop Goes the Boo Boo.
  • Both her and Dustbin Beaver weren't in the Ultimate Moshlings Collectors' Guide, probably due to copyright infringement issues.
  • Lady GooGoo is the first Moshling to be permanently removed. She cannot be promoted anymore, meaning she will never come back again in Moshi Monsters.
    • After Lady GooGoo was deleted, there was a glitch that if users had her in their rooms, they would still have her, making them still have her in their zoos.
      • This got fixed a few weeks after Baby Rox was released and replaced Lady GooGoo's spot in the zoo.
  • Despite her overall censorship, she is still on a poster in the travel bus background in Head Over Heels, probably as a sneaky easteregg.
  • When Lady GooGoo had a cold and you clicked on her, she would start to do her noise, then cough and cry.
  • Despite Series 2 Figures being covered in Moshi Monsters Originals, Lady GooGoo along with Dustbin Beaver  did not reappear in the figure series.






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