Lady goo goo dress up

Lady GooGoo Dress-Up was a Moshi Monsters game, where players would have to dress-up Lady GooGoo.

When Lady Gaga sued Mind Candy in 2012, many game sites deleted the game due to the suit.

The game never featured on the Moshi Games website and some sites still acquire the game.


Using the mouse, grab a small set of clothing to dress up to dress up Lady GooGoo, along with changing the colours on the right side of the screen: a small area enabling the player to change the colours of the clothing worn. After selecting the colours and clothing, the player may select from a proportion of items seen throughout the game: some seen to symbolise many Moshlings, such as the skull from Big Bad Bill's staff, and Blingo's boom box. In the background of the game, the logo to one of Lady GooGoo's songs known as The Moshi Dance, suggesting that the player may be dressing up Lady GooGoo for an upcoming gig.

If the player enters the secret code 'MOSHI' at the end of the game, several dress up items following specific themes may be chosen. When the game concludes, the final multiple-choice feature is accessible: choosing a background.


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