Zommer trophy

Trophies are decorative items in Moshi Monsters that are earned from leveling up. There are a total of 54 trophies, but as the level limit is at 50, the remaining four trophies are out of reach. Oddly, the Level 1 trophy is not available as well, as you start at Level 1 and not Level 0. When a player earns a trophy, thus meaning leveling up, their monster does a celebratory victory dance. Up until around Level 21, your monster will have dialogue such as "You earn them, I'll display them" or "Four trophies? That's already a set!".


  • The level 4 trophy is highly similar to, and probably based on, the logo for the "Hall of Fame" on Mind Candy's previous game, Tutpup.
  • The level 43 Trophy depicts the monster icon that communicates your Monster's mood to you as a player.
  • The level 49 Trophy is a statue of The Moshi Sun.
  • Despite level 1, 51,52,53 and 54 trophies not being used in game, they have still been seen in promotional images and within the Moshi Magazine.


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