Little Bad Bill is a small Woolly Blue Hoodoo who plays the pan pipes and functions as a decorative NPC.


Issue 61 - Hoodoos love a boogie, especially when playing the spam pipes. The greatest piper of them all is Little Bad Bill.


They were first seen in Go Do The Hoodoo where they accompany the song with their pan pipes.

In Season 2: Mission 3: Bungle in the Jungle they settled themselves next to Big Chief Bill, peacefully tooting on their own and thus functioning as a decorative NPC. They are not available to interact with.

Movie credits Big Bad Bill

They only appear in the credits of Moshi Monsters: The Movie, a fate shared with Big Bad Bill. They are shown sickened by the burned plastic fumes emerging from barbecuing microwavable Oobla Doobla.

Moshling Rescue pauze screen
In the fiction of Moshling Rescue! they are shown performing during Big Bad Bill's performance to blow up Mount Krakka Blowa.

Seemingly being in on the plan like all of the Blue Hoodoo tribe, Little Bad Bill joins the Hoodoo Vocal Group in their performance with Fez Owl, jumping in front of the mic. They have a very booming low voice.Trapped in Gummy! They show to have complete confidence and fun popping in stealing the vocal group's performance, whom react surprised and uncertain what to do. This was also their first ever speaking role and overall interaction that made them exceed the "decorative NPC" position.


They seem to invite themselves within conversation without having a clear position in them, as shown in the credits of the movie and their performance among the Hoodoo Vocal Group.


Little Bill is -as their name implies- rather short. Due to their big shiny eyes and the soft voice of their Twistmas counterpart it would imply youth but as they were given a low voice Trapped in Gummy! they might just be a mature but shorter-than-usual Hoodoo.
Their most prominent feature is the five leaved green plant growing out of their scalp.
Their yellow facepaint consist of three stripes on their forehead and triangles on their cheeks. They are usually shown with their panpipes.


Date Area Event
December 21, 2011 Music Video Go Do The Hoodoo - Accompanies song instrumentally (with flute)
May 17, 2012 Super Moshi Missions Season 2: Mission 3: Bungle in the Jungle - Decorative NPC in the Hoodoo Hideaway
December 4, 2013 App Moshling Rescue! - Decorative for map, pauze screen and intro video.
December 16, 2013 Super Moshi Missions The Moshi Movie Mystery - Decorative NPC in Hoodoo Central
December 20, 2013 Movie Moshi Monsters: The Movie - Credits
October 21, 2015 Magazine Issue 61 - Biographical Debut


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