"Little Crab 2" is a character in Moshi Monsters. They are one of the three crabs that live in Crabby Cove.

Together with "Little Crab 1", they collect decoration ornaments that they both refer to as treasures. Succeeding Little Crab 1's game of finishing their jokes, they agree to give you the ornaments to decorate Big Crab's new home, both voicing they hope you put their stuff to good use.


Little Crab 2 is the less polite one of the Crab Couple, even having Little Crab 1 describe them as "being crabby". Upon meeting the two crabs, Little Crab 2 greets you by being bothered by your presence, assuming you are another tourist, showing they have some sort of issue with tourists, outsiders or even non-Crabs. Next to them is a sign that says "Crabz Only!".


Both the Little Crabs have a similar design to Herman Crab, only difference being the house on top of them. They both have a straw roof beach house as their shell/home or differing design. Little Crab 2 has a more open design with a light brown coloured wooden front.

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