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Lummox the Humongous Hogsnorter is an Uncommon Moshling in the Sporties set in Moshi Monsters, resembling an orange bull. Lummox has two blue horns, brown hair, a heart tattoo, spike bands, and a piece of brown torn cloth around his waist.


Yellow Moon OrchidMagic BeansLove Berries
LockedAlpine PinkerbellsLocked


Mini Bio

Ooh, check out those biceps! And the abs! And the pecs! In fact Humongous Hogsnorters are buff all over because they spend hours pumping iron (well okay, lifting little tins of gloop soup). But there's more to these buff beefcakes than mere muscles, as they also enjoy knitting titchy loincloths whilst listening to retro hair metal. Grrrrr!


If you head over to the gym near Bleurgh Beach you might just see a few Humongous Hogsnorters sunning themselves and striking poses.



Clean-living, heroic, proud.


Bad action movies and Oochie Poochies.


Facefuls of sand and lazy Moshlings.


  • The definition of a lummox is a "clumsy, stupid person,". 
  • Lummox was one of the first Moshlings to have two combinations.
  • Lummox's name was released in the zoo on August 12th 2013, the same day Betty's name was removed, making people think Lummox replaced Betty.
  • In The Moshi Movie, Lummox is seen to be much taller than many Moshlings.




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