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Luvli is a character that appeared in Moshi Monsters: The Movie, playing one of the main protagonists, alongside Katsuma, Poppet, Zommer, Diavlo and Furi.

She is generally sassy and jokey. She calls her magic hokery pokery.


Luvli is a sassy and jokey character, who thinks a lot about her image. She is also a very open-minded character, as she will happily embrace the plans of others. At times, she will make an occasional snarky joke about fashion sense, which hints at her appearance-loving mindset. She is rather wise, as she is constantly telling Katsuma, the main protagonist, what to do.


Luvli has a cherry-shaped head, coloured in a deep pink. Atop her head is a green stem stalk, with a star hanging from it. She has two white wings which bare in resemblance to those of an angel's - her eyes are of a perfect blue, bulging outwards, with each having a pair of eyelashes sitting neatly on either side of each eye. She wears two small green shoes which are always seen hanging vertically downwards. In addition, she has two oval-shaped rosy red cheeks which stand orderly under her eyes. Her teeth are of a perfect snow-white. She has a rather elegant voice.




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