Moshi Monsters - Monster Haircut! - Free Online Virtual Pet00:54

Moshi Monsters - Monster Haircut! - Free Online Virtual Pet

Luvli's Lop Shop is the hair salon, owned by Luvli (hence the name), that appeared in the Moshi Monsters video "Monster Haircut!" on their YouTube channel. In the video, a Furi goes to the shop have a haircut and, due to the nature of how much hair Furis generally have, it fills the salon to its seams. Later on, many other Furis appear, but the video ends here. It was released on June 27th, 2008.

The building's location is likely staged for the video, but bears a strong resemblance to Ooh La Lane. Its type of building, a salon, is largely integrated into Tyra's Spa and, therefore, it will very likely not appear in the game due to redundancy.

Inside the shop, the floor is tiled with black and white tiles. The wallpaper is green and hanging on the wall is a golden framed mirror with a dark blue and silver chair in front. By the big window in the front of the shop are the waiting seats, they are purple pillows on top of a silvery-blue block.


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