Marooned five bios

The Marooned Five are a group of who first appeared in Season 2 Mission 5. Their other appearances are in Lost in Hong Bong, Season 3 Mission 4 where they become playable characters, and during the Pirate Takeover.

Although Ghosts being a subspecies, the Marooned Five describe themselves as Moshi Pirates, meaning they are deceased Moshi Monsters.

The Marooned Five received figures due to "their popularity" ingame via treasure chest storage tubs, containing all five members, but one random member is gold. A black and gold chest was exclusive to Toys R Us, and all five members were gold.

Group Members


  • Their name is a pun on Maroon 5, an American pop rock band.
  • Although they count themselves as five, Mavis is part of the group, making her the sixth member.




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