Hey hey hey! What's up ladies and gentlemen? Glad you could all make it for today's session of the Ulti-Moshling contest!

Max Volume is a character in Moshi Monsters, seen standing outside in front of Games Starcade on Sludge Street, jamming with a boombox on his shoulder.

In Moshling Zoo, Max is the host of the Ulti-Moshling contest.

Max has not yet debuted in any Super Moshi Mission but he can be interacted with through Quests and appeared in the Moshi Gooperstars: Build-A-Band event.

He makes a cameo in the music videos Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long) and Diggin' Ya Lingo.



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Max Volume can shake the room with his mega-amped boom box, but unfortunately he can't move from his current position. With noise ordinances in front of local shops, and a broken volume control panel, Max is trapped until his boom box batteries are drained.

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With his super-amped boom box permanently by his side, Max Volume knows exactly how to shake the room, the street and The Underground Disco dance floor. The volume on his sound system is stuck on super-loud, so when you see him, be prepared to make some noise - just so he can hear you!
Bust a move
Challenge Max Volume to a dance-off and you may find yourself spinning on your head! With his pumped-up energy and cool moves, you'd better be good to beat this back-breakdancing bopper!
Max's funky street style speaks volumes - quite literally! His groovester's threads and squeaky clean "pump-that-bass" pumps made him hp enough for an on-street star appearance in Zack Binspin's music video Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long).
Data File
Hangout: Outside DIY Shop/Games Starcade on Sludge Street
Catchprase: "boom!"
Likes: Beep-boppin' and hoppin'

  • As Max rocks, his cap bops up and down!
  • A boom box is the ultimate shoulder accessory.


  • In SWFs, he is referred to as "Stereo Kid".