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Micro Moshi are miniature Moshi Monsters figures made by Vivid Imaginations. So far three series have been released.

List of Series and Release

List of Finishes

  • Normal - Series 1-3
  • Squishy - Series 1-3
  • Transparent Squishy - Series 1-3
  • Gold - Series 1-3
  • Limited Edition Silver - Collectors Tins
  • Frosti Moshi Blue - Ice Screams 
  • Frosti Moshi Purple - Ice Screams
  • Frosti Moshi Green - Ice Screams
  • Twistmas Green - Advent Calendar 2013
  • Twistmas Red - Advent Calendar 2013
  • Limited Editions - Advent Calendar Styles, Moshi Magazine Oranges

List of Micro Moshi Figures

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Unreleased Figures


The unreleased Wallop

  • Leo - Shown in art for the spaceship playset.
  • Rooby - Shown in art for the spaceship playset.
  • Wallop - Wallop was not released as planned in Series 2.

Limited Edition Figures

Series 1

Series 2




  • Series 1 Micro Moshi
  • Series 1 Mega Heads
  • Moshling Case Faces (Nipper and Oddie)
  • Theme Park Playset
  • Silver Collection 1
  • Micro Moshi Collector Bags
  • Ice Scream Container
  • Series 2 Micro Moshi
  • Series 2 Mega Heads 
  • Silver Collection 2 
  • Micro Moshi Spaceship
  • Series 3 Micro Moshi



Silver Tins

Case Faces


Mega Heads

Holiday-Related Items

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