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Missy Kix
Missy Kix Transparent
Vital statistics
Job Sassy Secret Agent/Musician
First Appearance Music Rox

Missy Kix is a celebrity character from Moshimo City, introduced on March 2012. She has exclusively shown up in Music Videos and the magazine and has been name-dropped in Sandy Drain Shenanigans and the Music Island Missions books.

Her song, The Missy Kix Dance, was featured on the Music Rox album. Later on, a video was created and has published on the Moshi Monsters YouTube channel. In the song she shows to have a playful character and claims to be a secret agent. In interviews with Ruby Scribblez she has stated to not know what free time is.

She reappears in Zack Binspin's music video of Head Over Heels. She is never explicitly mentioned or described in the song's lyrics.


Missy Kix is the sassy secret agent/musician from far-off Moshimo City. Already a mega-gooperstar over there, she's since taken the rest of the Moshi World by storm. It's all down to a combination of her hyper catchy dance tracks, super cool fashion sense and a variety of super-secret agent skills.


  • In her song, she says that she is a "Sassy, Secret Agent/Musician". This could be a hint that she is involved with the Super Moshis or any organisation.
  • According to The Daily Growl article introducing Missy Kix, she manages and produces herself, and writes her own songs.
  • She has a green eyes in artwork, but in the music video they are changed to blue.
  • She comes from Moshimo City, and is currently the only known character from this place.


The Missy Kix Dance


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