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Missy Kix
Missy Kix Transparent
Vital statistics
First appearance Music Rox

Missy Kix is a character and singer that was announced in March 2012.

She has a song, called The Missy Kix Dance which is featured on the album; Music Rox. Later on, a video was created and has published on the Moshi Monsters YouTube channel.

Zack Binspin is in love with her, as proven in the Head Over Heels music video.


  • In her song, she says that she is a "Sassy, Secret Agent/Musician". This could be a hint that she is involved with the Super Moshis but seeing that its only a song, so it could be just a joke.
  • According to the Daily Growl article introducing Missy Kix, she manages and produces herself, and writes her own songs.
  • She has a green eyes in artwork, but in the music video they are changed to blue.
  • She comes from Moshimo City.


The Missy Kix Dance


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