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The Moshi Bus was a Moshi Monsters event where a bus decorated with Moshi Monsters characters went on tour. As of January 8th, 2014 Moshi Bus has gone into retirement.

On the Moshi Bus there was a variety of activities to do (depending on what day you went), such as badge making and creating claybuddies. In 2013  it was changed to a meet and greet with Buster Bumblechops (or Diavlo during October 2013). On the second floor is the Moshi Bus store with a slide to exit on.

Outside of the bus is a fence to mark out the queuing area with a shelter spread over it. There was sometimes also a Mash-Up trading area where fans could swap with eachother or with the staff members. There was also a TV attatched to the side of the bus which played music videos.

Attendees could also add a message to an A3 piece of paper to send to Mr. Moshi but the text was unreadable so it was later replaced by a letter box.


  • Busling is the Moshi Bus mascot.
  • The Moshi Bus was the most common Moshi Monsters event.
  • Mr. Moshi appeared at the first ever Moshi Bus event.
  • FuriKatsuma and Poppet were meetable outside the bus until the activities were replaced with an onboard meet and greet with Buster Bumblechops.
  • The Moshi Bus went into retirement after two years of travelling.



Moshi Bus Shop

Note: These images are from early 2012. Since then, newer and limited edition merchandise has been added.