Moshi Karts Katsuma Trickster 360 Spin Vehicle

Moshi Karts Katsuma Trickster 360 Spin

UK RRP £8.00
Release Date July 2014
Category Vehicles
Age Recommendation 4+

The Moshi Karts Katsuma Trickster 360 is a piece of Moshi Karts merchandise manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. It depicts Katsuma in their Moshi Karts gear. You can pull it back and watch it go forward, or make Katsuma spin donuts on a flat surface.


Become a monster on the race track with Moshi Katsuma’s 360° Spin Trickster Vehicle.

Just put your Moshi Monsters kart on a flat surface, pull back and release. Katsuma will race forward and pull off a turbo-charged 360° Spin. It’s full speed ahead for extreme Moshi action!

An ideal gift for kids aged four years and up.


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