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Moshi Monsters is an online game and lucrative franchise where its initial aim was that one can adopt, care and nurture for their very own monster in a virtual world of Moshi Monsters, made by Mind Candy. Following success led them to release two music albums of which the earned Gold on the UK charts.

Monster owners can select and customize their monster, play with it, take it shopping and decorate its room. Extra rooms can be added to the original, and they can be shared with friends. Players have a 'Friend tree' and a pinboard where they can exchange messages, though the content is regulated.

Players can become 'members' for a monthly fee which expands their in-game abilities and accessibility, opening areas such as The Port.

The world contains many minigames and puzzles, which can be played for fun and to earn Rox, which are the in-game currency used to buy seeds, clothes, furniture and food for your monster. One special type of game is the Missions, which except for the first one, can only be played by members.

One of the more popular attractions of Moshi Monsters is collecting Moshlings (pet creatures), which can be attracted by planting suitable seeds in your "Moshling Garden", by playing Missions, through hatching Moshling eggs, or by purchasing special Moshi Monsters merchandise that comes with unique codes. Some Moshlings are only available to members because they require special seeds.

Some of the company's fonts include a condensed Comic Sans MS (predominantly on menus) and Karla (on Daily Growl text), as well as Fredoka One (on Daily Growl titles) and Arial Rounded (used on things such as the Friends Tree).


At the time of the website's actual creation, it was composed of single text, which was simply used to indicate the email notification of anyone interested in the game's launch, a clear indication of the game's beta days.

Moshi Monsters officially launched on April 16, 2008.[1]

Prior to this, the game went through a public beta phase. Their YouTube channel was founded around seven months earlier on November 9, 2007 accompanied by a "video tour" video, showing the beta world. This video shows several features which have changed since.

Notably, the option to choose your monsters' name (this was later changed to be the same as the owner's username). The video also shows undeveloped rooms (doors and windows that look almost cropped), the inventory with a different appearance and the fact the Puzzle Palace puzzles could be played in the monsters' actual room. Since Membership did not exist in that time, several Member items, namely the Magic Mirror, Disco Ball and Duster of Destiny, the former of which is curiously the rarest in-game item. The News feature is also displayed, which was removed with the introduction of the 'BFF News' and 'What's New?' functions. Yukea and the Gross-ery Store lack most detail, both being shown as a grey square building with rectangular windows and a flat roof. Bizarre Bazaar, however, looks similar to the present design, having brick detail with a similar grey-pink colour, albeit the building's windows don't have the diamond-shaped centre point, a triangular tiled roof, and the door lacks its hanging beads.
Some minor changes include the Spider Chandelier lacking the three legs on the side in design, the Furry Door lacking its purple door, the Bricks Wallpaper in a more dim tint, the Curtain Window lacking the railings at the top (perhaps another indication of the crop) and every single SWF (image file) in the game lacks a shadow. Bushy Fandango, owner of Bizarre Bazaar, also gives unique text not found in-game; however, this is most likely just contrived for the video.

Over the course of time, Moshi Monsters has gone through numerous updates, all manifested by the game's brief intermissions, where the servers would close for the new skin to be put in place. One of the most noticeable updates included its global skin change in 2013 where everything, down to the Secret Codes screen, was changed.

On September 30th, 2015, Divinia Knowles announced to The Guardian newspaper that Mind Candy are currently in plans to shut down and relaunch the game with a target audience of four to seven-year-olds. This is due to multiple factors, including the decline in Moshi Monsters' life cycle as well as the fact that the game was built using outdated Flash software, which does not work with the new devices Mind Candy plan to take Moshi Monsters to. Notwithstanding this, previous CEO and founder, Michael Acton Smith, denied the website would be closing on his Twitter account.[2] In a recent interview with The Argus, Smith confirmed a relaunch of Moshi Monsters would take place in 2017.[3]


There are 6 monsters to choose from: Furi, Poppet, Luvli, Katsuma, Diavlo, and Zommer. When Moshi Monsters was first released, they only had Furi, Poppet, Diavlo, and Zommer. Later on, they added Katsuma and Luvli. In one of the magazines, it says that Katsuma is the most popular, followed by Poppet, Furi, Diavlo, Luvli and finally Zommer.

Glitches and bugs

  • "Couldn't set up playarea! Error #2124": appears as a notice when loading one's room; it will load the room normally, albeit claiming to be unable to load someone's room.
  • Seeing your zoo in an attempt to see someone else's: an error that arose and sparked controversy, where someone cannot view someone else's zoo - instead they see their own. This additionally happens with the Friends Tree.


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Video Games

  1. Moshling Zoo (Nintendo DS) - 11th November 2011 (UK) - November 6th (America)
  2. Moshlings Theme Park (Nintendo DS/3DS) - 26th October 2012 (UK and America)
  3. Katsuma Unleashed (Nintendo DS/3DS) - 11th October 2013 (UK) - November 5th 2013 (America)


Main Article: Books


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  • Although not explicitly given to Mind Candy for Moshi Monsters, their publishing partner, Penguin, received ‘Best Licensed Written, Listening or Learning Range’ for their Moshi Monsters books range[4]
  • Toy partner Vivid won ‘Best Licensed Toy or Games’ for the Moshi Monsters Toy Range[4]
  • The ‘Best Schoolers/Tween or Teen Licensed Property’ was won by Moshi Monsters[4]


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