• Jocelyn attended the 5th Anniversary party of Moshi Monsters, where she dressed up as a secret Moshling. In a video where the Mind Candy employees said who they were dressed up as, Jocelyn said "A secret Moshling who came out of this egg." and she held up a picture of The Great Moshling Egg.
  • The movie was announced by Mr. Moshi in the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
  • A promotional trailer was featured on the Music CD that came free with the Moshi Magazine Issue 34.
  • The trailer was shown on Daybreak on ITV on Thursday October 10th. later on that day it was seen on the MSN website. On October 11th, it was uploaded to the official Moshi Monsters Youtube channel and featured on The Daily Growl.
  • The movie has been only released in two countries, the UK and Australia.


  • In Jollywood, there is a crowd of monsters wanting Bobbi's autograph, Nutmeg is in the front then disappears.
  • One of ShiShi's black spots is missing when they are in the Glumpatron.
  • When Strangeglove dances, Head Over Heels is played but Moptop Tweenybop is shown on the TV.
  • In the list of usernames on the credits, some names are repeated.

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