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For the book of the same name, see Egg Hunt.

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt is an iOS/Android app that is themed around taking care of Moshlings as you hatch them daily, tying in to the Egg Hunt book. The game was released on October 26th 2016 and is aimed at an audience of 6-8 year olds. The game is free to play and contains no in-app purchases, however players can buy the Egg Hunt book to unlock an additional personalised Moshling of their own choice (as the app randomly generates a Moshling for the player).


Moshi Monsters is back, and this time it’s all about catching and hatching Moshling eggs! Who’s in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

With help from Buster Bumblechops, hatch a new Moshling every day. You can then feed and play with them in your very own Moshling Treehouse! Can you collect them all?

Make your egg hunt even more monsterific with the amazing Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book. This goopendous adventure is crammed with hidden codes and stars a totally unique, specially created Moshling named after YOU!


  • Hatch a new Moshling every day!
  • Clean, feed and play with your Moshlings!
  • Play fun mini games to earn Moshling food and hatch special item eggs to decorate your treehouse!
  • Unlock content straight away using the secret codes hidden in the all new Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book
  • Get your own unique Moshling!


10 Minutes of Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt gameplay10:01

10 Minutes of Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt gameplay

You start the app with an overview of Monstro City before you are taken into Buster Bumblechops' Moshling Sanctuary, where he shows you a Moshling egg (which is randomised for each player). You are told to keep tapping until your Moshling is free, to which Buster exclaims the Moshling's name and species. The Moshling is then added to your zoo. You are then prompted to play a game of hide and seek to find the next Moshling egg for you to hatch. Each Moshling egg takes a day to hatch.

The game is essentially hatching and finding Moshling eggs to complete your zoo, however there are minigames the player can play to unlock items and food to decorate the Moshling treehouse, a smaller version of the player's house from the online game, excluding the Monster and just featuring the Moshlings. You can have up to four Moshlings in the treehouse at a time.There are two games the player can play at any time, mixing and matching eggs and a claw machine game. Items and food are recycled from the online game and Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo (video game).


Egg Hunt reuses Moshling assets and retains sets and information the online game originally provided. Not all Moshling sets are available, but those who are are fully complete and hold all four Moshlings.

Unlike the online game, Egg Hunt provides a new Moshling set, the Friendlies. This holds personalised Moshlings of which the player can obtain by hatching eggs or entering secret codes.

Egg Hunt Moshling Data

An example of data, containing Two Scoops and Bodge, both of which are unobtainable.

Remnant within the game's code is a text file which displays information for all Moshlings within the Moshling Zoo on the online game, along with Shimmy and Swizzle. In addition, a set called the "Specials" is in said text file, holding Little Chief Two Scoops. Oddly, unlike the other Moshling data for sets that are not in-game, the game downloads the data for the Specials, which implies availability.

Excluding the Friendlies moshlings, the game holds a total of 84 'standard' Moshlings from the following sets:

  1. Beasties
  2. Birdies
  3. Dinos
  4. Fishies
  5. Fluffies
  6. Foodies (added update 1.3)
  7. Kitties
  8. Luckies (added update 1.3)
  9. Mythies
  10. Ninjas
  11. Noisies (added update 1.3)
  12. Nutties (added update 1.3)
  13. Ponies
  14. Puppies (added update 1.3)
  15. Smilies
  16. Snowies (added update 1.3)
  17. Spookies
  18. Sporties (added update 1.3)
  19. Techies
  20. Tunies
  21. Worldies (added update 1.3)

Buster Bumblechops introducing Moshlings

name audio name audio
Intro Angel
Egg Hunt intro Angel
Intro Big Bad Bill
Egg Hunt intro Big Bad Bill
Intro Blurp
Egg Hunt intro Blurp
Intro Burnie
Egg Hunt intro Burnie
Intro Cali
Egg Hunt intro Cali
Intro Chop Chop
Egg Hunt intro Chop Chop
Intro Dipsy
Egg Hunt intro Dipsy
Intro DJ Quack
Egg Hunt intro DJ Quack
Intro Doris
Egg Hunt intro Doris
Intro Ecto
Egg Hunt intro Ecto
Intro Flumpy
Egg Hunt intro Flumpy
Intro Fuddy
Egg Hunt intro Fuddy
Intro Fumble
Egg Hunt intro Fumble
Intro Gabby
Egg Hunt intro Gabby
Intro General Fuzuki
Egg Hunt intro General Fuzuki
Intro Gigi
Egg Hunt intro Gigi
Intro Gingersnap
Egg Hunt intro Gingersnap
Intro Gurgle
Egg Hunt intro Gurgle
Intro HipHop
Egg Hunt intro HipHop
Intro Holga
Egg Hunt intro Holga
Intro Honey
Egg Hunt intro Honey
Intro Humphrey
Egg Hunt intro Humphrey
Intro I.G.G.Y.
Egg Hunt intro Iggy
Intro Jeepers
Egg Hunt intro Jeepers
Intro Jessie
Egg Hunt intro Jessie
Intro Kissy
Egg Hunt intro Kissy
Intro Lady Meowford
Egg Hunt intro Lady Meowford
Intro Little Chief Two Scoops
Egg Hunt intro Little Chief Two Scoops
Intro Long Beard
Egg Hunt intro Long Beard
Intro Mr. Snoodle
Egg Hunt intro Mr Snoodle
Intro Nipper
Egg Hunt intro Nipper
Intro Oompah
Egg Hunt intro Oompah
Intro Peppy
Egg Hunt intro Peppy
Intro Plinky
Egg Hunt intro Plinky
Intro Pooky
Egg Hunt intro Pooky
Intro Priscilla
Egg Hunt intro Priscilla
Intro Prof. Purplex
Egg Hunt intro Prof Purplex
Intro Purdy
Egg Hunt intro Purdy
Intro Rofl
Egg Hunt intro Rofl
Intro Scarlet O'Haira
Egg Hunt intro Scarlet O'Haira
Intro Shambles
Egg Hunt intro Shambles
Intro Shelby
Egg Hunt intro Shelby
Intro ShiShi
Egg Hunt intro ShiShi
Intro Snookums
Egg Hunt intro Snookums
Intro Sooki-Yaki
Egg Hunt intro Sooki-Yaki
Intro Squidge
Egg Hunt intro Squidge
Intro Stanley
Egg Hunt intro Stanley
Intro Tiamo
Egg Hunt intro Tiamo
Intro Tiki
Egg Hunt intro Tiki
Intro Waldo
Egg Hunt intro Waldo
Intro Wallop
Egg Hunt intro Wallop
Intro Wurley
Egg Hunt intro Wurley

Items & Food

Unlike the items in the web-browser game, Items in Egg Hunt have no values attached to them. This means they function more as stickers as they have no suggestion of depth and weight nor can be interacted with. This is especially apparent with Arcade items and Cabinet items, their function as items in Moshi Monsters rendered useless in Egg Hunt. One can obtain an unlimited amount of items and those items each take their own space in your inventory, regardless if it is the same item. A function to get rid of items (like the Dodgy Dealz) is not offered.

Oh look! Something for your room!

Food items are fed to Moshlings instead of your monster. Whilst for your monster, it's part of taking care of them, keeping them happy so they can level which opens new possibilities in the game, it has absolutely no function in Egg Hunt as it has no reward nor consequences. It is comparable to the Moshi Monsters mini game Moshling Clean-Up.

Moshlings can be fed all the time. They display an icon of a fork and knife when they explicitly want food and do not move in this state. If you leave the room and come back, they are no longer hungry. When fed, Moshlings react like in Food Factory, but as there is no leveling or rewards it has no further purpose. Moshlings will leave droppings regardless if you feed them or not. There is neither a purpose for this feature, as cleaning it up will not leave them happier nor cause any inconvenience.

Interesting to note is that design wise all aspects of 'monstrous' have been removed. Sour Milk is Fresh Milk.

Oh look! Something for your Moshling!


Like the online game, Egg Hunt has an option to enter secret codes. Unlike the online game, codes are now entered using symbols and shapes instead of numbers. Codes are found inside the Egg Hunt book and redeem Moshlings that cannot be obtained by hatching eggs during normal gameplay. These Moshlings, along with the codes are:

The Friendlies Moshling(s) can be obtained by either hatching 30 Moshling eggs or entering a secret code from the book. Codes for Moshling eggs can be used once by each player. An internet connection is required to enter codes longer than three symbols as they are not stored in the app's data and thus need an external source to verify.

Remnant in the game are codes for items and "tv-moshlings". These codes are currently inactive and cannot be used.

Micro Dave Egg Hunt Error Message

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt00:39

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt

Version History (iOS)

1.4 - 12th January 2017

What's New in Version 1.4
Naughty Glumps were bugging us, so here's an update!
- Fixed the problem with eggs not always hatching the next day for some Moshi fans
- Some Moshlings weren't showing up correctly
- All backgrounds in the Moshling collection now show correctly
Thanks for all the feedback folks!
Get your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book! www.MoshiMonsters.Com/eggs

1.3 - 12th December 2016

What's New in Version 1.3
Mr Snoodle did a Doodle, so we've updated things a bit!

  • Loads more Moshling to collect!
  • Get a unique Moshling named after you, once you've collected 3 other Moshlings!
  • Buckets full of new items for your rooms!
  • Tweaks and bug fixes :)

Get your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book! www.MoshiMonsters.Com/eggs

1.2 - 10th November 2016

What's New in Version 1.2
Hey Moshi fans! Here's another egg-citing update!
Discover secret codes and your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book!
Who's in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

1.1 - 1st November 2016

What's New in Version 1.1
Hey Moshi fans! Here's an egg-citing update to make sure your Moshlings are behaving. More coming soon!
Discover secret codes and your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book!
Who's in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

1.0 - 26th October 2016

  • Initial release

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