The Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt app has a wide variety of upcoming content. Please note that content listed on this page may not release. If content listed on the page is to release, it should be removed and noted on the Egg Hunt page.

Unlockable Glumps

Inside the code is a .txt file named "Glumps" which holds potential data for two new sets, "Glumps1" and "Glumps2". The txt file is separate from the Moshling file, suggesting that the Glumps may get their own zoo as opposed to being inside the Moshling Zoo. Obtainability is unknown; no codes to unlock them are listed in the "codes" txt file.



The Glumps1 set holds four Glumps (Black Jack, Bloopy, Fabio, Mustachio). Data is mostly unfinished, with the only known information is rarity (Black Jack is common, Bloopy is uncommon, Fabio is rare, Mustachio is ultra-rare) and species (all being 'Glump').



The Glumps2 set holds four Glumps (Ned, Pirate Pong, Podge, Rocko). Data is mostly unfinished, with the only known information being species (all being 'Glump').

It is important to note that four Glumps are not present in the txt file; these being Fishlips, Freakface, Bruiser and Squiff. This may relate to the "Changing Faces" campaign which described said Glumps as being offensive to those with real-life scars. This may result in the overall removal of Fishlips, Freakface and Bruiser from the Moshi Monsters franchise. Squiff was not included in the campaign, but was most likely not included as sets must include four 'Moshlings'.

Blingo, Fopkin and Major Moony

Egg hunt moshling code proof

Inside the 'Codes' txt file are codes for the Moshlings with numbers 103 (Blingo), 182 (Major Moony) and 212 (Fopkin). The codes are currently disabled and no data is present for the Moshlings at the time being but implemented codes confirm that these Moshlings are planned for a future update. As sets are added completely with all four Moshlings at a time, this suggests that the rest of the Secrets, Sparklies and Fuzzies will be added alongside them.

Inactive codes:

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