Moshi Monsters Golden Super Seeds

Golden Super Seeds Poppet

UK RRP £10
Category Playset
Age Recommendation 3+

The Golden Super Seeds are limited edition Moshi Monsters products, which are golden versions of the original Moshi Monsters Super Seeds

There are two to collect.

Katsuma Pack

Poppet Pack


Golden Super Seeds Furi Proof

The back of the pack has golden ShiShi stickers placed over it in an odd position. Removing them would reveal a golden Furi figure with a gold Moon Orchid. Such items did not release, and due to the poorly placed stickers over both instances of the product's existence, one could assume that it had planned to release but was scrapped late into development, and no time was given to remove it from the packaging. The logo on the back of the packaging includes the golden Moon Orchid along with the two released seeds, further supporting this.


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