Moshi Monsters Lost Islands is a Moshi Monsters app, first introduced in 2012, planned for release in August 2012. Little is known about the app apart from a trailer produced by GREE and Mind Candy.

Due to no further detail about the game since the trailer, it is almost definite the plans for the app were discontinued and the app will not release.


Mind Candy and GREE are also set to launch a vibrant new card collection and puzzle game packed with all the fun and charm of the world famous Moshi Monsters brand. Fans can combine cards, build best decks corresponding to various situations and play puzzle style mini games. Players can also collect cute Moshlings cards as well as Moshi characters while exploring uncharted regions and discover mysterious new islands.

Moshi Monsters Lost Islands 2 720p h26400:51

Moshi Monsters Lost Islands 2 720p h264




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