Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 27 is the twenty-seventh issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, that was released on the 14th of March 2013 and was available in shops until the 10th of April 2013.

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Page Number Page Title
6 The Daily Growl
8 Design A Moshling Compo
10 Your Moshlings
12 Moshi Comic
14 Puzzle Palace
16 Yum Yum Kitchen
18 Moshi Goodies
19 For Rent Ad
20 Mega Competitions
22 Gross-ery Store Puzzles
24 Rock Star Super Fans
25 Monstro City Poster
26 Swooniverse Poster
29 Fact File: Moshi Sun
30 Sludge Street
32 Real Life: Cities
34 Moshi Missions
36 Hot Items
38 Moshi Make-It
40 Moshling Zoo
42 Monstar of the Month
44 Moshling Habitats
45 Come In Poster
46 Kepp Out Poster
47 Puzzle Answers
48 Gallery
50 Moshi Comic


Moshi Missions Somewhere Clover the Rainbow
Yum Yum Kitchen Banana Bread
Moshling Zoo Mythies
Fact File Moshi Sun
Real Life Cities
Moshi Make-It Raarghly's Hovercraft
Monstar of the Month Donster14
Moshling Habitats ShiShi; Gigi


  • There is no story in this issue.



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