Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 41 is the forty-first issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, that was released on the 10th of April 2014 and was available in shops until the 7th of May 2014.

Online Exclusive Codes

Free Gifts

  • Fifty limited edition golden Penny money boxes were hidden in lucky magazine bags.


Main Magazine

Page Number Page Title
6 The Daily Growl
8 Design-a-Moshling Competition
10 Moshi Comic
12 Food Factory
14 Rox Puzzles
16 Moshi Story Part 1
18 Moshi Goodies
19 Text Talk
20 Real Life: Spies and Spying
22 Yum Yum Kitchen
24 Moshi Stars
25 Moshlings Poster
26 Monsters Poster
29 Fact File: Gilbert Finnster
30 Moshi Story Part 2
32 Puzzle Answers
34 Moshi Gallery
36 Island News

ROARsome Apps and Games Special

Page Number Page Title
38 Moshi Aaarghvertisement
39 Waldo's Genius Bar
41 Katsuma Unleashed
42 Moshi Music
45 Moshi Monsters Village
47 Moshi Karts
49 Talking Poppet
50 Win and iPad Mini


Yum Yum Kitchen Hot Cross Scones
Fact File Gilbert Finnster
Moshi Story Office Ant-ics!
Real Life Spies and Spying
Make It Katsuma's Kart


  • This issue doesn't have MonSTAR of the Month, Moshling Habitats, Moshling Set, Your Moshlings or How to Draw in it.



Code Card

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