Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 49 is the forty-ninth issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, that was released on the 20th of November 2014 and was available in shops until the 17th of December 2014.

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Page Number Page Title
2 The Daily Growl
4 Your Moshlings
5 Mount Sillimanjaro Advertisment
6 Mount Sillimanjaro Puzzles
8 Popjam Advertisment
9 Furi Interview
10 Find The Great White Furi
12 A Toasty Twistmas Tale
14 Moshi Goodies
15 Colouring Poster
16 Puzzle Palace
18 Twistmas Poster
20 Yum Yum Kitchen
22 Moshi Make It!
24 Winter Wonderland!
26 Leo vs Woolly
28 Real Life: Snowsome Animals!
30 Willow Poster
31 Moshling Habitats: Willow
32 Gallery
34 Puzzle Answers


Fuddy Winner bjornsquishy
Yum Yum Kitchen Tasty Twistmas Cookies
Real Life Snowsome Animals!
Make It Twistmas Gift Box!
Fan Interview Furi by Elliot
Comic  A Toasty Twistmas Tale
Moshling Habitats Willow



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