Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 54 is the fifty-fourth issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, that was released on the 5th of April 2015 and was available in shops until the 5th of May 2015.

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Page Number Page Title
2 The Daily Growl
3 Meet The Poppeteers
4 Your Moshlings
5 Create Your Own Baby Moshling
6 Let's Go Egg-Sploring!
8 Egg Hunt
10 Welcome To Pawberry Crib!
12 Colouring Baby Moshlings
13 Fact File: Shi Shi The Sneezing Panda
14 Waldo VS. Nipper
16 How To Draw! Baby Mr. Snoodle
18 Baby Moshling Mad poster
20 Baby Moshling Puzzles
22 Food Factory advertisement
23 Fact File: Honey The Funny Bunny
24 Real Life! Baby Animals
26 Poppet's Diary
28 Fact File: Humphrey The Snoring Hickopotumus
29 Who's Your Baby Moshling Match?
30 Sprinkles Poster
31 Moshling Habitats
32 Master Of Moshi
34 Puzzle Answers
35 Next Issue


Fuddy Winner minnimouse50586
Moshling Habitats Sprinkles
VS Nipper vs Waldo
How to Draw! Mr. Snoodle
Real Life! Baby Animals!


  • The magazine is now published by Egmont, instead of Skyjack.
  • The notepad originally advertised with this issue has now been delayed to Issue 55.



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