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Moshling Madness Pack

Moshi Monsters Mash Up: Moshling Madness is the fourth series of Moshi Monsters: Mash Up cards. The fourth series of the cards is based around Moshlings, hence the name - Moshling Madness.

They cards were officially released on September 5th 2013. Although in certain Tesco stores in England and Scotland they were released as early as August 30th. It has been confirmed a tin will be released, although not much is known of the tin.

The series includes 210 cards, all Moshlings apart from the six Monsters, including holigraphic crads, mirror foil cards and Exclusive Moshling code cards. The packets include eight cards, costing £1, the first series to do so.

The starter pack costs £4.99 and includes a game guide, a poster, nne pack of eight normal cards and a Limited Edition holigraphic Big Bad Bill card. A pack of five cards was also released, costing £5.00 that came along with a Limited Edition holigraphic Uncle Scallops card.

Card Types

  • Normal 
  • Mirror Foil
  • Holographic
  • Moshling Code Cards
  • Rox Code Cards
  • Limited Edition Cards

Regular Cards


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