Moshi Monsters Megabloks: Series 2 are the second series of Moshi Monsters collectable figures, manufactured by Mega Bloks. Each pack contains 6 blocks, and groups are always the same (eg: Roxy, Penny, ShiShi, Pooky, Doris and Peppy are one group and the Moshlings inside of this group cannot be obtained with any other characters). As such, this means that there are eight different outcomes one could receive upon opening a pack. One of the outcomes includes Ultra-Rare Moshlings only and appears to be the hardest outcome to receive.


Adopt a bundle of stackable Moshling friends with collectible Block Moshling Blind Packs from Mega Bloks. Each package includes six Moshling blocks to create a big, buildable party in Monstro City. Collect all 48 adorable Moshlings, including the ultra-rare Moshlings!

Ideal for children 4 and up.


  • Six random block Moshlings to create a buildable Moshling gang
  • Includes packs of ultra-rare Moshlings
  • Mix and match with other Moshling block sets for hours of fun in Monstro City
  • Collect all 48 block Moshlings!

Figure List



Group Shots


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