Moshi Monsters Originals collection are a side series in the Moshi Monsters Figures series. The whole collection includes characters from Series 1 to 11 with also the additions of variants (from tins, books, etc) as of February 2015.

Most blind bags contain one gold figure, and one normal. If this is the case, then it is expected for the entire box to follow this pattern too. When there's an overstock of a certain type of figure, there is no pattern, but said figure dominates the box and is usually in the majority of the packets.

Unlike the majority of the previous series, some Ultra-rare figures can be visible in the blister packs. Furthermore, the red, yellow and orange glitters were an addition as well as Series 1 and 2 golds. When Vivid (the manufacturers) had an overstock of a certain type of figure, they usually distribute them in Originals (this happened with the Bubbly Jeepers figure and Bauble Red figures).

List of variants

  • Normal figures (inc ultra rare and rare)
  • Gold
  • Glitters (of all types minus those seen in the Moshi Monsters Rainbow Collection)
  • Special edition (eg: Bubbly Jeepers, Party Blingo)
  • Pumpkin orange (seen more often in 20 tubes)
  • Super seeds (green is confirmed, yellow??)
  • Winter wonderlands (all types including bauble reds)


  • Blind Bags - Includes two random figures and a code card
  • Blister Packs - Includes four figures with a mystery moshling and a secret code
  • Ten Packs - Includes ten random figures
  • Tube of Twenty - Includes twenty random figures, and a visible special variation I.G.G.Y. figure
  • Ultimate Collection - Includes twenty figures, where some are gold or glitter


  • When they first released in late 2012, Originals only included series one, two and three.
    • In 2013, series four was later added, followed up series five.
    • In August 2014, series six to eight were added.
    • In February 2015, it was descovered that Originals now included special figures, "limited edition" or "exclusive" to certain packets. These are visible in the packets and not hidden.
    • Alongside the release of The Magnificent Moshi Circus figures came the final update, adding figures up to series 11.
      • On the packets with the exclusive figures, the copyright dates were 2011, for blisters, and then 2010 on the blind bags. It is unknown why.

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