Moshi Monsters Slopcorn Moshling Tub

Moshi Slopcorn 2

UK RRP £9.99

£1.99 (Home Bargains)

Release Date June 30th 2014
Category Figures
Age Recommendation 4+

Moshi Slopcorn is a Moshi Monsters merchandise item which stores up to 100 Moshling figures. It was released on June 30th 2014.

It includes an excluive Pops figure, a Moshi Monsters Village Slopcorn item along with an online Moshling code for Pops in game; WELOVESLOPCORN.

It was first seen at the London Toy Fair in January 2014 and was later found on the Smyths website.


Be like your favourite Moshlings, with your very own Super Size Slopcorn tub to store and transport all of your Moshlings! Includes an exclusive Kernal Moshling.


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