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Last edited on April 18, 2014
by Clumsyme22
Here Be Monsters

Hello and Welcome to the official Moshi Monsters Wiki, your Moshi Monsters resource! We have a total of 2,096 pages since June 17th 2008.

The Moshi Monsters Wiki is an information resource about Moshi Monsters, a rapidly growing online game by Mind Candy with over 80 million monsters adopted worldwide.

Anyone can edit, so if you would like to help, feel free to create an account and start editing, or just browse around and increase your knowledge of Moshi Monsters.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask an admin or a user of the wiki. Please check the Wiki Policies (the rules) before editing; failure to follow the rules will result in a few warnings then a ban from the wiki.

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April 2014: Featured
Featured Article

Mrs. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler is a brand new Moshling, and the first Moshling to be in the Legends set.

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Featured User

PepperSupreme is a Rollback with 5,919 edits, here on the Wiki. She is the Featured User of April 2014 and holds the honour of being the fourth Featured User of 2014.

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