Moshi Monsters Wiki Policies
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Sockpuppet Policy · Chat Policy · Avatar Policy · Blog Policy · Rights Policy

These are our Wiki policies. Along with Wikia's policies, these rules should be followed and some may also apply in the chat and forum, not just the wiki. Here are the general points of these policies.

Language Policy

  • No sorts of profanity can be used on this Wiki, as Moshi Monsters is a children's game.

Harassment Policy

  • Users should not be threatened.
  • Any user seen harassing another user will be blocked.

Vandalism Policy

  • Vandalism is not permitted on this Wiki or any other Wiki. Vandals should be reported to Admins and they will deal with it.

Picture Policy

  • Rude, violent or sexual content should not be uploaded.
  • High quality and high definition images should be uploaded where possible.
  • Fan art and duplicates should not be uploaded, this is not a Fanon Wiki. Unused fan-made images will be deleted or moved to the Moshi Monsters Fan Creations Wiki.

Sockpuppet Policy

  • Users should only have one account and one backup (or spare) account.
  • If users are found out to have more, all accounts will be permanently blocked.
  • Blocked and banned users should not create another account to vandalize or disrupt this Wiki. This will result in a permanent block.

Chat Policy

  • Rude language and spam is not tolerated.
  • Users must treat every user with respect.
  • Advertising is not allowed, although Moshi-related sites are allowed. 
  • Overusing emoticons is considered spamming.

Avatar Policy

  • Users cannot use family members or themselves as avatars. Although, pets and celebrities are fine.
  • Violent or inappropriate pictures will not be used as avatars.

Blog Policy

  • Blogs that have not been commented on in 14 days will be closed by an administrator.
  • Blogs will not be used for harassing users or used for creating a hate list. Users doing so will be blocked.
  • Blogs which are not relevant to Moshi Monsters will have their comments closed by an admin.
  • Discussion blogs should be placed in the appropriate forum board.

Rights Policy

  • Users cannot "backseat mod". This means that you cannot act as an admin or chat moderator, when you are clearly not.

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