Moshimo City is a city based on Japan, specifically its capital Tokyo, that was mentioned exclusively in the Moshi Monsters fiction and does not appear in Moshi Monsters itself.

It was introduced with Missy Kix's debut on the Music Rox! album as her city of origin. She is a celebrity at her home place as well.

Around this time plans were in the work to make the city play a major part in Moshi Karts. The eventual product made about 3 years later still mentions the city on the merchandise but Moshi Karts itself doesn't show tracks in Moshimo nor does it mention the city. Katsuma is supposed to be Japanese and Japan is known for "street racing". A need for speed is likely part of Moshimo's culture as Missy Kix is shown to race herself as well.

My high-tech penthouse apartment in the Skyscraper Zone is pretty cool. But I guess the most popular place is the Neon Splatsume, a nightclub where locals go to party.
— Missy Kix on popular places in Moshimo City; Issue 42
Main article: Music Rox!

No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Moshi Radio Meets Missy Kix"  
Music Rox - Moshi Radio Meets Missy Kix
2. "The Missy Kix Dance"  
Music Rox - The Missy Kix Dance


Moshimo city is based on Tokyo (Mo-shi-mo ; To-ki-yo) shown with large flats and billboards to show city life.


Moshimo City should be far away from Monstro City, but how far is hard to tell as both Jollywood and Moshimo were described as "all the way from". Moshi Monsters geologic fiction works on expansion as well as creating cultural melting pots, thus locations that are based on Asia or the Americas do not have to be close to each other at all. Jollywood (India) is part of Music Island and Hong Bong (China) is an island on its own that has many major references to Japanese culture.

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