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Moshling Mall

Moshling Mall 2

UK RRP £49.99
Category Playsets
Age Recommendation 4+

The Moshling Mall is a Moshi Monsters figure play set which costs £49.99 in the UK and €67.00 in Ireland.

The mall comes with a code for 1000 Rox, a code for an in-game food item, which is Slop and two Moshling figures, a bubbly Jeepers and a posing Blingo.

The set also comes with an exclusive Moshling code, the Moshling obtainable is Lummox but a Shambles code could be found with it before Lummox was released.

Inside, there will be a Gross-ery Store, a spa, a Moshling play area, a basket-lift, an Underground Disco and a secret slide (the stairs turn into a slide).

Product Description

Take your Moshlings for the ultimate shopping experience at the Moshling Mall! Get pampered in the Spa, shop ‘till you drop in the Gross-ery Store, let of some steam in the play zone and then dance the night away in the Underground Disco.


  • The first few Moshling Malls contained a code for Shambles, before Lummox was avaliable in the zoo.
  • Before confirmed, Betty was thought to be released with the product.
  • In September 2014, a new version called the Moshling Mall Party Zone was released.


Product Shots


In-Game Obtainables

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