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Arrow Gummies

Trigger: A row of 4 same coloured gummies.
Function: The arrow gummies appear with horizontal or vertical arrows.
Crossing: When activated they will wipe out the string of gummies in the direction they point at.

Soap Gummies

Trigger: A connection between a vertical and horizontal string of gummies of the same colour.
Function: Erase the gummies surrounding them.
Crossing: When crossing two Soap Gummies, the row surrounding the normal clean up area is also cleaned up.

Awesome Rainbow Gummies

Trigger: A row of 5 same coloured gummies.
Function: When moving the rainbow gummy in any direction, it will obliterate all gummies of the colour swapped with it.
Crossing: When crossing two Rainbow Gummies, you get total destruction of the entire visible map.

Level Types

Home Dig Clear Treasure Drop Boss

  • Clear levels and Boss levels do not have additional art in the loading screen. The loading screen art is shared with the action of leaving a level for the main map and traveling between islands.
  • Glumps can also be sludged by a Sludge Generator.

Home levels

Moshling Rescue loading screen home
Rescue the trapped Moshling by getting it home along the path! A specific gummy colour is assigned before play begins. Match gummies of that colour and each successful match will move the Moshling one spot along the path home!

Home levels, or Rescue levels, are the only type of level to feature Glumps and Glump Spawners and thus the only type of level were C.L.O.N.C. is actively involved.

Dig levels

Moshling Rescue loading screen dig
The Moshling is stuck in the mud! Dig your way through the gummies, matching 3 or more of the same colour. Make a match next to the trapped Moshling to rescue it.

Dig levels, with unique background art, are the only type of level to feature explosive peppers. Underneath the ground, upon being interacted with, they destroy all visible dirt on the map, allowing you to venture deeper to where the Moshling awaits you.

Clear levels

Moshling Rescue loading screen clear
Clear away Gloop by making a match directly over the Gloop you need to clear.

Clearing Gloop sometimes requires multiple interactions, like rocks with multiple dots and Glumps with multiple stripes. For Gloop, it is never more than two reactions that causes it to cease.

Treasure levels

Moshling Rescue loading screen treasure
This is when the challenge really starts! The aim of these levels is to match three treasure chests. You'll be rewarded with a heap of Jellybeans for your work!
Introduced on level 31

Drop levels

Moshling Rescue loading screen drop
Your Moshling is stuck at the top of the gummies! Make matches below them so that they drop down to the bottom of the screen.

Top tip: In later levels you'll sometimes find eggs blocking your way! You'll need to remove these eggs by dropping them to the bottom first, then the Moshling will appear.


Boss levels

Before play begins you are given a specific colour gummy and the number of these gummies that you need to clear. But you're not alone! The pesky Boss will do everything he can to distract you and throw you off course. Stay focused to defeat him!

The Boss levels are always the same format; you need to destroy a given number of a certain gummy type. The number decreases by any method of gummy destruction, so clearing the field is much more useful than it is in home levels.

Like any boardgame, Bill gets a turn after you get one. Once you caused the board to need a reshuffle, Bill shoots it afterwards. This can cause the board needing another reshuffle.

Boss' abilities

Big Bad Bill can both create and obliterate with knowledge of the possibilities that were open. His creation involves obstacles as he turns gummy to stone or ice. He can destroy gummy, swap places between two gummies or even change the gummy in another type of gummy. With the latter, he always changes the gummy into gummy not present in the board, so there is no possibility for you to destroy it, unless you manage to do an entire board wipe.

Although he only has one turn, he is able to do multiple moves in one turn. For example, he can ice three gummies at the same time. Three changes is the maximum he has shown to be able to do in one move.

With later levels, his skills evolve and the use of a shield is necessary to complete the trials. A shield guards the board and causes Big Bad Bill to be unable to interfere. He does hit the shield which loses power after several hits and eventually gets destroyed. You need to buy another shield in that case.


Locks - introduced in level 28
Gloop - introduced in level 37
Gloop Spawner -

Tips & Tricks

  • The create chain reactions, it's best to have a clean field. So make sure to destroy obstacles like rocks and gloop to eventually clean up faster or destroy Glumps coming your way.
  • Always try to create special gummies. Crossing a Soap and Arrow Gummy can clean up the map a whole lot.
  • In dig levels, try to drop Arrow Gummies when you will not make use of them. The line it destroys has a limited range and you want to activate that when you get lower.

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