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Moshling Pile Up

Moshlings are collectible creatures that monsters can catch and keep in their Moshling Zoo or room. Each Moshling has a unique appearance, personality, biography, traits, habitat, combination and animation. 

Majority of Moshlings generally have four animations: one left walking, one right walking, one idle front facing and one where they perform their specialist action. 

Moshlings are split up in to themed Moshling Sets that conclude of four Moshlings each.

Currently, there are 52 known sets in the Moshling Zoo -47 of which are released and 5 which are unreleased, to be added in the future. These sets are shown in the Moshling Zoo, this allows members to hold unlimited Moshlings and is exclusive to Moshi Members

In total, there are 151 Moshlings that can be caught, 56 known upcoming Moshlings set to be released in the future and 1 that has been deleted.

Methods of obtaining Moshlings

List of Moshlings


  • Moshlings were first released on September 8th, 2008.
  • Some Moshlings are exclusive to members, as they require Super Seeds or must be obtained by playing Super Moshi Missions.
  • Over one hundred million Moshlings have been caught.




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