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Moshlings pile up

Moshlings are a collection of tiny Moshi Monsters species that mostly function as collectable creatures that monsters can obtain and take care of by keeping them in their Moshling Zoo and displaying them in their room.

The Moshlings you obtain in your zoo are ambiguous and merely representatives of their entire species. Their in-game function is a separate canon from who they are as characters, which also varies greatly.

To date, there are 213 named Moshlings as well as a few who appeared in media but have not been named yet. These are spread across 53 sets, of which only 47 are released.

Moshlings were first released on September 8th, 2008, as indicated by The Daily Growl.[1] As such, Moshlings debuted here.


Character Encyclopedia

Main article: Character Encyclopedia
Note: such can be found on the introduction page. Thus, its entry is blunt and intended on giving a brief introduction to the species.

Monsters love collecting these teeny-weeny critters as pets. There are loads of different types of Moshlings, such as cuddly Fluffies, tasty Foodies, and not-so-spooky Spookies. Each type has several species, so if you catch a Fluffie it could be a Dinky Dreamcloud, Pluff, Funny Bunny or Pixel-Munching Snaffler!

The Daily Growl

Main article: The Daily Growl

From [1]:
Ever seen a teeny-weeny monstery thing flit past your window? Heard funny squeaks, squelches, whooshes and woo-ooos in your back garden? If you have, it was probably a Moshling!
But what's a Moshling? And why do Moshi Monsters love collecting them? Sit back and I'll [Roary Scrawl] explain.
You won't have spotted any of these kooky little creatures in Monstro City but they roam all over the world of Moshi, from Potion Ocean and Mount Sillimanjaro to the Bongo Bongo Jungle and the Candy Cane Caverns.
Some Moshlings even live in a parallel vortex!
There are fishy Moshlings, spooky Moshlings, birdy Moshlings, dino Moshlings, kitty Moshlings, ninja Moshlings—even gingerbread Moshlings! Crumbs!
In fact, Moshlingologists have identified over 30 weird and wacky species, from Stunt Penguins and Silly Snufflers to Cheeky Chimps and Fancy Banshees. And there are more to come!
Some are friendly, some are shy. Some are scary, some can fly. Some like sipping lukewarm coffee and brushing their teeth with sticky toffee. Others like doing the splits and marmalade with bits. Some are common, some are uncommon. Some are Rare and some are ultra rare.
Some even like pilchard popsicles. Yuck!
The one thing all Moshlings dream about is living in a cosy home. And that's just as well because Moshi Monsters love looking after them. Rumour has it these titchy critters bring good luck but most monsters just enjoy showing them off.
So how does your monster get its mitts on a Moshling? Simple, by planting special seeds in your new garden. When the seeds become flowers, certain Moshlings will be unable to resist. If you don't get lucky the first time, don't worry. The Cluekoo will give you hints on how to find one.
If you're really lucky you could even make friends with an ultra rare Sweet Ringy Thingy Moshling. Yum!
So don't dilly-dally. Buy some seeds on Main Street when the new shop opens tomorrow. Plant them in your garden and see if you can tempt a little Moshling to come and live with you.

List of Moshlings

Main article: /List of Moshlings
List of collectable Moshlings in Moshi Monsters
Name Number Set Rarity Figure Release Date
Chop Chop 002 Ninjas Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Gingersnap 003 Kitties Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Busling 004 Wheelies Ultra Rare Series 4 8th Aug 2013
Wallop 005 Tunies Rare Series 2 8th Dec 2011
YoYo 006 Hipsters Rare Series 7 22nd Feb 2013
Fifi 007 Puppies Common Series 1 30th Mar 2010
Squidge 008 Spookies Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Pip 009 Nutties Rare Series 4 3rd Aug 2012
Snookums 010 Dinos Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Penny 011 Luckies Ultra Rare Series 2 28th Jul 2011
Shelly 012 Nutties Common Series 4 8th Nov 2012
DJ Quack 013 Birdies Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Judder 014 Noisies Ultra Rare Series 4 9th Nov 2012
Gracie 015 Snowies Common Series 5 4th Dec 2012
Shambles 016 Mythies Ultra Rare Series 4 13th Sep 2012
Hoolio 017 RoxStars Uncommon Series 7 17th Oct 2013
Stanley 018 Fishies Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Shoney 019 Naughties Ultra Rare Series 6 11th Apr 2014
Purdy 020 Kitties Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Raffles 021 Naughties Ultra Rare Series 7 3rd May 2013
Hissy 022 Hipsters Rare Series 6 19th Sep 2013
Humphrey 023 Beasties Common Series 1 17th Jan 2009
Angel 024 Ponies Common Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Gabby 025 Techies Ultra Rare  Series 3 13th Oct 2011
Ziggy 026 RoxStars Uncommon Series 6 14th Sep 2013
Kissy 027 Spookies Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Rocky 028 Worldies Uncommon Series 1 15th Mar 2010
Rofl 029 Smilies Uncommon Series 4 16th Apr 2012
Lady Meowford 030 Kitties Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Peekaboo 031 Woodies Uncommon Series 5 11th Oct 2013
Tiamo 032 Smilies Rare Series 2 1st Sep 2011
Hocus 033 Gurus Common Series 7 16th Dec 2013
Dipsy 034 Fluffies Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Boomer 035 Noisies Uncommon Series 4 31st Jul 2012
HipHop 036 Tunies Uncommon Series 4 13th Nov 2012
Betty 037 Noisies Uncommon Series 4 5th Sep 2013
McNulty 038 Puppies Uncommon Series 1 30th Mar 2010
Shelby 039 Ninjas Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Doris 040 Dinos Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Scrumpy 041 Arties Uncommon Series 4 3rd Apr 2013
Sprinkles 042 Sploshies Common Series 6 27th Jun 2013
Blurp 043 Fishies Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Linton 044 Salties Rare Series 6 2nd Jul 2014
Holga 045 Techies Ultra Rare Series 2 29th Jun 2011
Sweeney Blob 046 Sploshies Common Series 6 5th Jun 2013
Sooki-Yaki 047 Ninjas Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Priscilla 048 Ponies Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Lurgee 049 Yuckies Uncommon Series 6 16th Dec 2013
Pooky 050 Dinos Uncommon Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Yolka 051 Munchies Common Series 7 24th Jun 2013
Coolio 052 Foodies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Fumble 053 Fishies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Flumpy 054 Fluffies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
White Fang 055 Puppies Rare Series 1 30th Mar 2010
Mr. Snoodle 056 Ponies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Honey 057 Fluffies Rare Series 1 17th Jan 2009
Woolly 058 Snowies Uncommon Series 4 17th May 2012
Hansel 059 Foodies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Ecto 060 Spookies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Liberty 061 Worldies Rare Series 1 15th Mar 2010
Rooby 062 Sporties Rare Series 4 4th May 2013
Tingaling 063 Luckies Uncommon Series 2 12th Jul 2012
Long Beard 064 Mythies Rare Series 5 31st Jan 2013
Tiki 065 Birdies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Tomba 066 Snowies Common Series 4 10th Nov 2011
Scarlet O'Haira 067 Mythies Uncommon Series 4 9th Sep 2012
Prickles 068 Potties Rare Series 5 15th Aug 2013
Oompah 069 Tunies Rare Series 4 8th Nov 2012
O'Really 070 Luckies Rare  Series 4 10th Apr 2012
Peppy 071 Birdies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Cali 072 Fishies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Jeepers 073 Beasties Rare Series 1 17th Jan 2009
Professor Purplex 074 Birdies Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Cherry Bomb 075 Noisies Rare Series 2 26th May 2011
Fizzy 076 Munchies Rare Series 4 11th Oct 2012
Waldo 077 Kitties Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Burnie 078 Beasties Ultra Rare Series 1 17th Jan 2009
Gigi 079 Ponies Ultra Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Cleo 080 Worldies Ultra Rare Series 1 15th Mar 2010
Marcel 081 Naughties Rare Series 7 12th Apr 2013
General Fuzuki 082 Ninjas Ultra Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Gurgle 083 Dinos Ultra Rare Series 1  8th Sep 2008
Scamp 084 Puppies Ultra Rare Series 1 30th Mar 2010
ShiShi 087 Beasties Ultra Rare Series 1 17th Jan 2009
Oddie 088 Foodies Ultra Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Big Bad Bill 089 Spookies Ultra Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Cutie Pie 091 Foodies Ultra Rare Series 1 17th Jan 2009
Mini Ben 097 Worldies Ultra Rare Series 1 15th Mar 2010
Leo 098 Snowies Ultra Rare Series 4 6th Dec 2012
Jessie 099 Mythies Ultra Rare Series 4 11th Apr 2013
I.G.G.Y. 100 Fluffies Ultra Rare Series 1 8th Sep 2008
Roxy 101 Secrets Ultra Rare Series 2 7th Oct 2010
Lady GooGoo 102 Secrets Ultra Rare Series 2 6th Dec 2010
Baby Rox 102 Secrets Ultra Rare N/A 26th Nov 2012
Blingo 103 Secrets Ultra Rare Series 2 27th May 2011
Dustbin Beaver 104 Secrets Common Series 2 25th Aug 2011
Wurley 105 Techies Ultra Rare Series 2 14th Feb 2011
Plinky 106 Tunies Ultra Rare Series 2 29th Mar 2011
Zack Binspin 107 RoxStars Ultra Rare Series 4 16th Sep 2013
Nipper 108 Techies Ultra Rare Series 3 6th Nov 2011
CocoLoco 109 Nutties Common Series 4 13th Mar 2012
Suey 110 Munchies Ultra Rare Series 4 22nd Mar 2013
Pocito 111 Sporties Common Series 4 14th Jun 2012
Bobbi SingSong 112 RoxStars Common Series 4 8th Aug 2012
Bentley 113 Sploshies Ultra Rare Series 5 16th May 2013
Cosmo 114 Techies 2.0 Ultra Rare Series 5 17th Sep 2013
Furnando 115 Luckies Common Series 9 26th Oct 2012
Uncle Scallops 117 Sploshies Rare Series 7 16th May 2013
Lummox 118 Sporties Uncommon Series 7 12th Aug 2013
Topsy Turvy 119 Nicknacks Common Series 6 N/A
Splutnik 120 Zoshlings Ultra Rare Series 5 6th Dec 2012
Dr. C. Fingz 121 Zoshlings Ultra Rare Series 5 6th Dec 2012
First Officer Ooze 122 Zoshlings Ultra Rare Series 5 6th Dec 2012
Captain Squirk 123 Zoshlings Ultra Rare Series 5 6th Dec 2012
Micro Dave 124 Techies 2.0 Ultra Rare Food Factory 17th Sep 2013
Toasty 125 Munchies Common Series 10 8th Aug 2013
King Toot 126 Toomies Common N/A N/A
Blinki 127 Movies Ultra Rare Series 8 16th Dec 2013
Bodge 128 Arties Common Exclusive 29th Dec 2013
Splatter 129 Arties Uncommon Series 10 1st Dec 2013
Misty 130 Arties Rare Series 10 31st Jul 2013
Carter 131 Toomies Ultra Rare N/A 4th Jan 2014
Hot Wings 132 Musos Uncommon Exclusive 6th Nov 2013
Nancy 133 Gifties Uncommon Series 8 N/A
Weeny 134 Naughties Uncommon Series 8 26th Aug 2013
Jiggles 135 Techies 2.0 Rare Series 8 2nd Jul 2014
Marty 136 Movies Ultra Rare Series 8 16th Jan 2014
Jackson 137 Movies Common Series 8 9th Jan 2014
Vinnie 138 Hipsters Common  Series 8 16th Dec 2013
Blossom 139 Potties Common Series 8 22nd Aug 2013
Jiggy 140 Puzzlies Uncommon Exclusive N/A
Dribbles 141 Sporties Common Series 8 7th Mar 2014
Grinny 142 Smilies Common Series 8 12th Aug 2013
Slurpy 143 Yuckies Rare Series 8 19th Aug 2013
Fitch 144 Movies Rare Series 8 20th Dec 2013
Eugene 145 Fruities Uncommon Series 8 N/A
Nutmeg 146 Nutties Uncommon Series 8 7th Mar 2014
Threddie 147 Fuzzies Common Series 8 N/A
Zonkers 148 Wheelies Uncommon Series 8 N/A
Posy 149 Sparklies Ultra Rare Series 9 N/A
Swizzle 150 Hipsters Rare Series 9 N/A
Toots 151 Musos Uncommon Series 9 N/A
Quincy 152 Fuzzies Rare Series 9 N/A
Wuzzle 153 Gurus Rare Series 9 21st Nov 2013
Bubbly 154 Cuties Common Series 9 9th Sep 2014
Tumbles 155 Puzzlies Common Series 9 N/A
Mumbo 156 Musos Uncommon Series 9 N/A
Twaddle 157 Yuckies Common Series 9 5th Aug 2013
Pipsi 158 Fruities Ultra Rare Series 9 N/A
Prof. Heff 159 Brainies Uncommon Series 9 N/A
Willow 160 Frosties Ultra Rare Series 9 16th Dec 2013
Cleetus 161 Yeehaws Common Series 9 N/A
Shimmy 162 Salties Common  Series 9 N/A
Chirpy 163 Cuties Rare Series 9 10th Sep 2014
Tessa 164 Sparklies Uncommon Series 9 10th Sep 2014
Pinestein 165 Brainies Ultra Rare Food Factory 22nd Jul 2013
Marsha 166 Screamies Ultra Rare Series 10 24th Oct 2013
Glob 167 Screamies Common N/A 17th Oct 2013
Jibbly 168 Screamies Ultra Rare N/A 17th Oct 2013
Randall 169 Screamies Rare N/A 17th Oct 2013
Mrs. Snoodle 170 Legends N/A N/A N/A
Kazzi 171 Toomies Common N/A N/A
Mishmash 172 Toomies Common N/A N/A
Squelch 175 Fruities Common Food Factory N/A
Oopsy 176 Potties Uncommon Series 10 N/A
Otto 177 Frosties N/A Series 10 N/A
Vernon 179 Musos Ultra Rare Series 10 N/A
Roscoe 180 Yeehaws Common Series 10 N/A
Major Moony 182 Sparklies Rare Series 10 N/A
Shmoops 183 Wheelies Common Series 10 N/A
Dinky 184 Cuties Ultra Rare Series 10 N/A
Jarvis 185 Yuckies Ultra Rare Series 10 N/A
Splitz 186 Fruities Common Series 10 N/A
Lubber 187 Salties Rare Series 10 7th Mar 2014
Gumdrop 188 Gifties Ultra Rare Series 10 N/A
Ivy 189 Woodies Common Series 10 N/A
Weegul 190 Cuties Common Series 11 9th Jun 2014
Darwin 191 Frosties Rare Series 11 N/A
Troy 193 Legends Rare Series 11 N/A
Pizmo 194 Brainies Uncommon Series 11 N/A
Bonnie 195 Yeehaws Ultra Rare Series 11 N/A
Benedict 196 Gifties Common Series 11 N/A
Casey 197 N/A Rare Series 11 N/A
Popov 198 Frosties Ultra Rare Series 11 N/A
Lips 199 Wheelies Uncommon Series 11 N/A
King Brian 201 Legends Ultra Rare Series 11  N/A
Fusty 202 Gurus Ultra Rare Series 11 N/A
Plumpty 203 N/A Uncommon Series 11 N/A
Doyle 204 Nicknacks Rare Series 11 N/A
Mitzi 205 Nicknacks Ultra Rare Series 11 N/A
Snuggy 206 Fuzzies N/A Series 11 N/A
Freddy 207 N/A N/A Series 11 N/A
Peeps 209 Nicknacks Rare N/A 21st Jul 2014
Pops 210 Salties Rare Exclusive 30th Jun 2014
Raffy 210 Swindilies Ultra Rare N/A 27th May 2014
Fopkin 212 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Loomy 217 Sparklies Uncommon N/A 4th Sep2014
Holmes 218 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Flora 219 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Flitter 221 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Travis 225 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Rebus 226 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Shed 227 N/A Unknown Circus N/A
Bruce 228 N/A Unknown Circus N/A

Not all Moshlings are listed as obtainable in your Zoo. Those who are not obtainable usually have a different design from the default and are used in fiction as characters. Not all Moshling species have only one representative in the Zoo either. Silly Snufflers and Moptop Tweeniebops have members of their species in different sets.

List of Moshling Sets

Main article: Moshling Sets


Collecting all Moshlings is an impossible task due to their availability having deadlines, as well as Raffy, whom only a single monster has (and will be the only monster). Most Moshlings require you to have a Membership so that you can require the Super Seeds or play the Super Moshi Missions. Several Special Seed codes are obtained by attending certain events or buying certain merchandise. From 28th March 2014, Marcel and Mr. Snoodle were automatically added to accounts upon creation.

Methods of obtaining Moshlings

Unobtainable Zoo Moshlings

  • Raffy - Only obtainable by their creator, who won their own design to become a Moshling in a competition.
  • Dustbin Beaver - Came with a Moshi Monsters Magazine subscription, but has been replaced by Wuzzle.
  • Splatter - No longer available as was obtained by pre-booking Moshi Movie tickets at Vue cinemas.
  • Boomer - No longer available as was exclusive to an event, although multi-use secret codes were discovered, though have now expired.
  • Wuzzle - Came with a Moshi Monsters Magazine subscription but replaced by Weegul.
  • Weegul - Came with a Moshi Monsters Magazine subscription and subscriptions were discontinued.
  • Lubber - No longer available as was exclusive to an event.
  • Fuddy - No longer available as was exclusive to the magazine, now discontinued, when players gave evidence of charity work.
  • Leo - As Leo's seed from his Moshlings Collection plush gives users 1 Rox, Leo is unobtainable. If this is fixed so that the code gives the Frozen Forget-me-not, Leo will then be obtainable.

Moshling Sets

Main article: Moshling Sets

Moshling Sets are a feature of the Moshling Zoo. Sets include four Moshlings, each of whom is unique and matches the theme of the set, e.g. Oddie is a doughnut and is in the Foodies set. Currently, there are 53 known sets, but only 47 of which are released.

Some Moshlings sets are currently 'incompletable' because the Moshlings (or Moshling) in the set are unreleased, although once a set is released or confirmed, it may have an SWF file where players will be able to see its design.

From November 2013, Members who have caught all the Moshlings in one set, the set will light up, as if it had been properly completed. The theory behind this separation and addition of colour is to make the Moshling Zoo much more colourful and pleasant to look at, a reward for the player's hardship in finishing it. In fiction, this separation was introduced by Buster Bumblechops but there is no further explanation to the species connection than it fitting well.
When written in fiction, Moshling sets function as groups of friends and are to be interpreted as characters.

Moshling Garden

Main article: Moshling Garden

The Moshling Garden is the place where users can plant different seeds to try and catch a Moshling. The Moshling Garden can be found on the map next to the House and Dress Up Room, and you can also get to it from your main room by clicking on the garden door which is located next to the Food Factory door.

It links to the Seed Cart (where you can buy Hot Silly Peppers, Dragon Fruit, Star Blossom, Moon Orchid, Magic Bean and Love Berries seeds) and Super Seeds (where you can buy all the previous seeds plus Crazy Daisy and Snap Apple seeds - these are only available to members). Special seeds are obtained by different means, such as codes from purchased items or magazines. Some of these codes have been made available (sometimes by mistake), but most can only be used once.

You must plant specific combinations of seeds to obtain particular Moshlings: Moshlings are classified as common (any colour of three specific flowers works), uncommon (one of the three flowers has to be a specific colour); rare (two of the flowers have to be a special colour) or ultra-rare (all three flowers have to be a special colour). For the rarest Moshlings, sometimes you have to keep digging out and planting new flowers until you get the right colour combination and it can take a long time. When you get a Moshlings, all the flowers disappear.

Should the player become a Member, their seeds will grow twice as fast, taking twelve hours instead of twenty-four.

Moshling Zoo

Main article: Moshling Zoo
MoshlingZoo Door

The Moshling Zoo is the basic storage for the player's Moshlings, ordering them into their respective sets. Non-members are allowed a maximum of two Moshlings (stored automatically in their room) but with membership, this gives players the option to keep up to six in their room, while the rest reside in their zoo. When a set is completed, its background will become coloured and their respective house will appear (if any), a reward for doing so.

Fluffies zoo full

A completed Fluffies set.

The Moshling Zoo can be used to select which Moshlings you want in your room; members can store a maximum of six in their room from their zoo, whereas non-members can only store two.

If the respective non-member was a member beforehand but their membership expired, the Moshlings in their room will go from six to two, and the ones chosen will be the Moshlings you most recently added into your room as a member. If the player had never been a member, the only way of choosing their in-room Moshlings would be via replacing one of the ones in their room already. Note that all of the Moshlings gained as a non-member, even if replaced, will appear in your zoo if you become a member.

Contrary to popular belief, when the player's membership expires they do not lose their Moshlings, the zoo just briefly closes, presumably to encourage membership further. A way to bypass this is to go to another monster's room and click on their zoo (it will show yours instead). However, only two of them (the ones in your room) will appear; membership restores this.

Players can collect as many Moshlings as they want, including multiples of most species; for example, you could have ten Snookums in your Moshling Zoo at once. Multiple quantities of Moshlings are shown when you mouse over the Moshling and will say "10x", for example.

Certain Moshlings have obtainabilities which limits their quantity and only allows you to obtain one. Currently, the player can only obtain one of each of the following Moshlings;

  • Hoolio - Available via the Moshis vs Ghosts mission as a reward overall as opposed to a reward for completing a chapter. Because of this the player cannot access the "mission" to obtain Hoolio as it does not exist, limiting the player to only obtain one Hoolio.
  • Pops - Available only via the code "WELOVESLOPCORN" and as codes can only be redeemed once the player can only obtain Pops once.
  • Vinnie - Obtained with a one time use code. A seed code for Vinnie exists but is not implemented in game so the player can only obtain one Vinnie.
  • Carter - Obtained with a one time use code. A seed code for Carter exists but is not implemented in game so the player can only obtain one Carter.


Moshlings, unlike monsters, do not require such meticulous and high-maintenance care, and do not warrant any feeding, playing, etc. The only real aspect of their care is cleaning them is Moshling Clean-Up, in which you scrub dirt from them with a brush while I Heart Moshlings is played in the background. This functions simply a quick minigame for players to earn a miniscule amount of Rox, and if the Moshling is left it will not become dirty, etc. The dirty Moshlings refresh daily and are entirely random. 


Main article: Moshlingology

Moshlingology is the study of Moshlings most likely in terms of biology, zoology and culture. Being approached differently by known Moshlingologists (those who have studied the subject) it is not clear what the subject contains when taught as a subject at Moshiversity and thus its value as doctorate.

Being a Moshlingologist, in practice, means studying the habitats, culture and behaviour of Moshling species. Presumably how to "catch" them is part of their behavioural study. Genetical engineering of Moshlings as part of the study behind the powers Moshlings wield seems to be a sub-subject, as prime Moshlingologist example Buster Bumblechops does not seem to focus on that.

Once one is a Master Moshlingologist, one has the ability to hatch Moshling Eggs beyond ancient.



Moshlings are small in size compared to most other monsters.

As introduced by Buster Bumblechops, Moshling are categorised into pairs of four in a Moshling Set, which always has a certain theme to it. As sets were introduced with rather generic themes, alternative synonym-like names for similarly-themed sets were applied (Fishies, Sploshies) or a continuum (Techies, Techies 2.0).

Moshlings are based on animals, cryptics, folklore or objects.


Moshlings are marketed as loyal, cheerful and mischievous. For one, they choose to be with the player,Super Moshi Missions an indication of the former, and almost always appear happy under the player's care. Their behaviour heavily contrasts that of their counterpart's. The two share loyalty, however.


Moshlings are distributed by locations that match their needs or design. For example, Jeepers lives in Barmy Swami Jungle for its camouflage and to match its real-life counterpart, the tiger, that also lurks in jungles, or Honey, a rabbit, lives on Pawberry Fields, which has modern hutches, a cage in which rabbits are kept. Inanimate object Moshlings such as Holga, a camera, lives on Shutter Island which has equipment in relation to cameras. As such, their habitat is always related to the Moshling.


  • Several Moshlings share the same species although they are different in appearance, such as White Fang and Elder Furi's Musky Huskies or Jeepers and Blue Jeepers.
  • Some Moshlings are artificially created such as Gone-Wrong Blobs which are created after a failed experiment, and Psycho Gingerboys which were created after being cooked 180 degrees. Sweet Ringie Thingies are supposedly decorated by an unknown Monster. HipHop is battery operated, so one could assume they are artificially created.
  • Moshlings can be transformed into Glumps via a method known as "Glumping", which rearranges their molecules to change its behaviour and appearance to one of twelve of them. The process is carried out by the Glump-o-Tron 3000. So far, the ensuing Glump appears to be largely random relative to the Moshling Glumped. The method can be undone.S1M10




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