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Moshling Pile Up
Moshlings, (released September 8th, 2008), are very cute, cool and collectible creatures for your Moshi Monsters to catch. They are obtained by planting various types of Seeds in your Moshling Garden. Moshi Members can keep up to 6 Moshlings in their room, whilst ordinary players can keep only 2 Moshlings. Moshi Members also have a Moshling Zoo, in which they can store as many Moshlings as they can catch.

Each Moshling is very unique and they come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. Although Moshlings are different, there are Moshling Sets such as the 'Dinos' and the 'Ponies' that are shown in the Moshling Zoo The creatures can be clicked on, inside the house or out in the Moshling Zoo, and they will make a little dancing routine and perform a little song which is fun to listen to and look at. Each Moshling does a different thing. Once you have completed a Set of Moshlings, their habitat in the Moshling Zoo lights up!

Some Moshlings are available only to Moshi Members, as they require Seeds available only at Super Seeds, Members only store. Members can also recieve exclusive Moshlings Seeds through Codes and collect Moshlings through Super Moshi Missions as rewards.

Design-a-Moshling Contests

Each year, there is an annual Design a Moshling contest, where people from all over the world can submit their Moshling entries. A team of judges decide on the winner and the winning entry will become a real online Moshling! In some Contests, the Runner-ups will become Moshlings too.



The Daily Growl

In 2009 there was a competition very similar to Design a Moshling, hosted on The Daily Growl ,where users could create their own Moshling - Liberty was the winner. 

List of Moshlings




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