Mount Krakka Blowa (also formatted as Mount Krakkablowa)Snuffy Hookums is an active volcano in the Gombala Gombala Jungle, where the Woolly Blue Hoodoo village and Ellie's Moshling TreeHouse are located. It has only been shown in Music Video's, comics, and the backgrounds of games and is not visible on the Map nor the overworld view of Moshling Rescue!.

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It first appeared in the music video Go Do The Hoodoo, giving the mountain its name and showing it has a liking for music and rhythm.

A2013 Mount Krakkablowa

In the Annual 2013 it was shown with a brownish colour and in every way inactive. Snuffy described the fog at the foothills smelling of mouldy Mutant Sprouts. It is unclear if the mountain emitted these foams.

In Moshling Rescue! it was given a redesign with facial features and became part of the main cast as the plot narrative, meaning it has become a character. In-game it features as the background to levels.

Due to a hypnotic spell casted by Big Bad Bill it has been erupting gummy. If the gummy is part of the spell or actually what the mountain contains, like how Mount Eggiecrest contains mustard, is uncertain. While in a state of hypnotism, it still is affected by music as shown in Trapped in Gummy!. After awakening, it rumbles along to the rhythmic beat, causing it to erupt yet again.


After alterations in its debut in Go Do The Hoodoo, the mountain has been depicted blue with -strangely- snow on top of it. Though common courtesy for a regular mountain, Krakkablowa is an active volcano emitting smoke and should be too warm for snow formation.

Mount Krakkablowa is a pun on Mount Krakatoa, a real-life active volcano in Indonesia.