Mr. Moshi is a self-insert character of Michael Acton Smith that first featured in the Moshi Monsters Magazine, and later went on to become a major character in Moshi Monsters Village.

Fact File

Have you been making sure your Moshi Village is totally PAWsome? In that case you've probably bumped into a very important visitor by now - Mr. Moshi! As well as setting various challenges, the wacky Moshling maestro appears on the Village Rating screen to tell you what he thinks of your work! Better yet, you can add Mr. Moshi's friend code and check out HIS village. GOOpendous eh?!

Hundreds of Hobbies
When Mr. Moshi isn't hanging out with Moshlings and overseeing the world of Moshi he loves sketching on napkins, fiddling with his Moshifone, drinking chockiwockiccinos and having tons of fun!

Mr Moshi loves all the Moshlings but his current favourites are Big Bad Bill, Mr. Snoodle and Bobbi SingSong. That's probably because he likes to do nothing better that doing the Doodle as he walla walla hoohaas his way around Jollywood!

I'm Mr. Moshi's favourite? Holy Hoodoos, that's ROARsome!
— Big Bad Bill

Mane Attraction
Mr. Moshi's crazy hair is said to be a distant relative of the wild critter that lives on Simon Growl's head. But don't mess with it because it bites!

Passion for Fashion
Mr. Moshi was given his GOOpendous jacket by Buster Bumblechops, who claims it was discovered by his long lost uncle, Furbert Snufflepeeps, deep in the Gombala Gombala Jungle. But some Moshlingologists believe it's an old ceremonial jacket abandoned by Umba Thunks during the Great Custard Flood!


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