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Mr. Moshi is the creator of the children's website, Moshi Monsters. His account name is mrmoshi. He rarely goes on the site, as he is busy adding new things to the site and living his life.

He was the 15th person to make an account on Moshi Monsters as it launched.

He is Level 16 and his MonSTAR rating is A. Mr Moshi comes from the United Kingdom. His real name is Michael Acton Smith, and he is Creative Director and Founder and former CEO of online games developer and entertainment company Mind Candy.

He has been described by The Daily Telegraph as "a rock star version of Willy Wonka" and by The Independent as "a polite version of Bob Geldof." His friends list is full, and he has around 108 gifts in his gift room. He has 24 of the Moshlings and is also available to chat on his pinboard. 

Mind Candy created the transmedia hit Moshi Monsters, which has over 80 million users around the world and has expanded offline into books, toys, music and trading cards. He has the highest rated house (found here). Mr. Moshi's monster's name is Snowcrash, named after a book he liked as a teenager.


  • He used to work as an usher in the cinemas.
  • He said if he was a Moshling he would be Big Bad Bill; his favourite Moshling from 2012 was CocoLoco.
  • His Monster is called Snowcrash.


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