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The Munchies are a Moshling Set in Moshi Monsters, based on food and drinks.

The Moshlings in this set are Toasty the Buttery Breadhead, Yolka the Boiled Boffin, Fizzy the Lipsmacking Bubbly and Suey the Bashful Bowlhead.



From The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide: I'm always getting the Munchies, especially early in the morning. But I'm not talking about a case of the nibbles, I mean those tasty-looking Moshlings. Munchies are at their most active before sunrise, so that's when I go out looking for them. Whether it's brekkie with a Boiled Boffin or elevenses with a Buttery Breadhead, I always enjoy a quick snack whilst observing Munchies. Why? Well, they look good enough to eat!

From an online source: Feeling a bit peckish? Fancy a midnight snack, or elevenses, or maybe even twelveses? A swig of Lipsmacking Bubbly or a cheeky bowl of Bashful Bowlhead could be just the thing for you.


Moshling Image



Common Hot Silly Peppers Magic Beans Snap Apple
Common Dragon Fruit Love Berries Dragon Fruit

S2 M8

Ultra-Rare Yellow Hot Silly Peppers Purple Love Berries Pink Hot Silly Peppers


  • This set is similar to the Foodies, as they are both based on food.
  • This set was released on October 11th 2012.
  • Both Toasty and Yolka were runners-up in the Design a Moshling Contest 2012.



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