Music Island Missions: Zoshling Encounters is the first book in the Music Island Missions book series, which tell the story of the Super Moshi Missions: Season Two. The books are written by T. Shrewman and illustrated by Abby Ryder.

It covers the first missions, A Close Encounter of the Zoshi Kind and the third mission Bungle in the Jungle, skipping the second mission which features in the second book.


Join the Super Moshis in their first Music Island Mission - an all-new series from Moshi Monsters!

Elder Furi is missing. A mysterious spaceship has crash-landed in the jungle. And its entire crew are lost in the wild.
Can the Super Moshis rescue the ship's key, help the arguing Hoodoos and find the missing Zoshlings somewhere on Music Island?

Find out in Zoshling Encounters...then look out for the rest of the Music Island Mission books!


  1. Super Moshi Training Time
  2. One Hot Mission!
  3. Buster's Moshling Quest
  4. Welcome to the Jungle
  5. CocoLoco and Captain Squirk
  6. Hoodoo Hideaway
  7. Searching for Oobla Doobla
  8. Sprockett and Hubbs Help Out
  9. Surf's Up
  10. The Big Cook-off



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