Big Bad Bill and the Woolly Blue Hoodoos

Ruby Scribblez: So Bill...Can I call you Bill?
Big Bad Bill: Oobla Doobla gombala
Ruby Scribblez: Er okay.
Simon Growl: He says, yes, Bill is fine.
Ruby Scribblez: So, Bill, what do you think of the current music scene?
Big Bad Bill: Gombala gombala wallawalla hoohah!
Simon Growl: I think what Big Bad Bill's trying to say is that he thinks it's a heap of old Oobla Doobla.
Ruby Scribblez: Oobla Doobla?
Big Bad Bill: Oobla Doobla? Wallawalla hoohaa Oobla Doobla!
Ruby Scribblez: I'm sorry? Oobla Doobla?
Simon Growl: It's his favourite.
Ruby Scribblez: Yeah, I kinda got that.
Big Bad Bill: Oobla Doobla!
Simon Growl: Fried and serves in coconute shells. Oh, and he's quite partial to purple bananas too.
Ruby Scribblez: Purple bananas?
Big Bad Bill: Gombala wallawalla hoohah!
Simon Growl: And moonlit gazelles, of course!
Ruby Scribblez: But of course.
Simon Growl: So, when does my star get to perform his track?
Big Bad Bill: Gombala gombala wallawalla hoohah! Oobla Doobla wallawalla hoohah! Mba-wanga-thlunk!

Dr. Strangeglove and the Glump Generation

Ruby Scribblez: Dr. Strangeglove, it''s 'interesting' to have you drop by and talk about your contribution to the Music Rox album.
Dr. Strangeglove: It's an honour, that's what it is, an honour!
Ruby Scribblez: I'm intrigued, how did your involvement with Simon Growl come about?
Dr. Strangeglove: Well, we had worked together before-
Ruby Scribblez: When you tricked him into unknowingly working for your Criminal League of Naugthy Critters, you mean?
Dr. Strangeglove: Like I said, we had worked together before, and when that project finished we both agreed that we could wreak mayhem on the Moshi music charts together when the time was right.
Ruby Scribblez: Following the success of 'The Doctor Will See You Now', what's next for Dr. Strangeglove and the Glump Generation?
Dr. Strangeglove: Today the Moshi music charts, tomorrow...the world! The world, I tell you! Mwahahahahahaaaa!

Sweet Tooth

Ruby Scribblez: So, Sweet Tooth, does the release of 'Sweet Tooth Stomp' mark a new direction for Monstro City's most notorious dentist-hater?
Sweet Tooth: Not a chance! There's a new baddie in town and I'm only just getting started.
Ruby Scribblez: What was it like working with Simon Growl and HighPants productions?
Sweet Tooth: It was totally sweet. Did you know he's got gobstopper machines all over his mansion?
Ruby Scribblez: Has he really?
Sweet Tooth: Not anymore.
Ruby Scribblez: So, tell us a little bit more about the Sweet Tooth Stomp. What made you go for the Gooey Glam Rock style?
Sweet Tooth: It's a sugar-coated, lipsmackin', candybomb, lemonade grenade of a song that will mesmerise you with its sweet sound and stick in your head like a half-chewed Scummi Bear in Zack Binspin's hair. Or is that just a side effect of my kaleidoscopic Hypno-Blaster lollipop?
Ruby Scribblez: Perhaps you should quit C.L.O.N.C. and turn over a new leaf - or should that be chocolated bar? - and cut your teeth in a new career in Moshi music?
Sweet Tooth: Are you kidding me? Getting a number one record is as easy as taking candy from Baby Rox.

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