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The Mythies are a Moshling Set in Moshi Monsters, based upon mythical creatures.

The Moshlings in this set are Scarlet O'Haira the Fluffy Snuggler, Shambles the Scrappy Chappy, Long Beard the Valiant Viking and Jessie the McGinger Moshling.



From The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide: I've heard millions of myths on my travels but none are as outlandish as the ones surrounding Mythies. This legendary set of Moshlings includes Valiant Vikings and Ginger McMoshlings. But even they can't compete with the tall stories surrounding the Bumblechops family. My Great Uncle Snufflepeeps once told me that my ancestors were kings of Splatlantis, princes of the swooniverse and owners of a small chain of shoe shops. A likely tale!


Moshling Image



Scarlet O'Haira
Uncommon S2 M7
Ultra-Rare Locked Jolly Flowers Locked
Long Beard
Rare Red Hot Silly Peppers Dragon Fruit Red Hot Silly Peppers
Freezy rider
Ultra-Rare Pink Dragon Fruit Yellow Dragon Fruit Red Hot Silly Peppers Locked Tartan Thistles Locked


Their names are spoken of in hushed whispers and some barely believe that these legendary Moshlings even exist. But they do, and any avid Moshling collector can find one – if they look hard enough!



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